5 Best Time Tracking Apps and Software for Employees

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1- Toggl

Toggl is a very useful app which is used for time tracking. You can just go a head and create an account to this app and start tracking your time for a single click. Go to appstore or visit their website for more information.

2- Timesheets.com

It is a very useful app for business owners as it work for both for hourly employees as well as salaried employee. There are multiple standardized HR tools which are mentioned in this app for the users. Due to those amazing time tracking features, this app is not free unfortunately.

3- Tsheets

Tsheet is also a time tracking app which can be used by the entrepreneurs. It includes clock, text messaging, email, scheduling tasks. This app is suited with the businesses that have hourly workers and mostly mobile workers.

4- Harvest

Harvest can be used for time tracking and also for the planning for the future. It is a very powerful tool which is very helpful when it is used properly and wisely. It is very easy to use and user friendly. By using Harvest, it is very easy to track time and billable hours. Moreover, expenses can also be tracked by using this app.

5- Hubstaff

It is also one of the best time tracking apps and it is mainly used for employee monitoring and other powerful tools which can be used by the entrepreneurs for their businesses and to promote their business by leaps and bonds.

By using these apps or the blend of few apps, an entrepreneurs can do time tracking for their employees, salaries, bills, payments, working hours and anything they related to time. Now a days, time tracking is very important because the world is getting really fast and due to many factors, employee productivity can be disturbed. Also these apps provide data for future planning and decision making.

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