Spinach Time-Lapse - 40 days _ Soil cross section

in timelapse •  3 months ago

Spinach time lapse with soil cross section. Revealing both - how spinach leaves and roots grow.

Root development is best visible at germination and 30 days in.

Those brighter dots in the soil, moving like there is no tomorrow, are saprotrophs - bugs and worms that feed on nonliving organic matter.

Play speed - 28800x (one shot every 12 minutes played at 40 FPS).

Nutrient deficiency wasn’t planed. Test set up grew fine, but with different soil, so at first I wasn’t sure if its nutrient deficiency or something else.

And in case you are wondering, I did tried some leaves. After finishing with photographing they tasted a bit like grass, slightly bitter. Week after that their taste had slight resemblance to sorrel. But no where near as sour. Guess that was leaves with different age.

Video credits : Gphase

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