My hands are caught between forgetting and trembling

in #timelast year

After you it was all over. Hanging out in the same moment. Not taking life one step further, just tumbling into the void.

If I describe myself to you right now;
The cases of wasting a shovel in need of a drop.
Cursing calluses on my palms... I would just say.
I realized too late, the religious belief that some pains do not exist, whatever they say, the end of the language is always a sin...


It's as if everything that would distract me from my troubles and drive me away from you for a moment was taken away from me.
Even my cigarette is hostile to me...
If I take a breath, your lips will stick to my lips, if I let out a breath, it's like your skin will hug my skin...
That's why I don't always leave one-breath butts in the ashtray to their fate.


Get it, come back...

My hands are caught between forgetting and trembling...
Whenever I try to cover it up, your gone
My past struggles as if there is no eraser to erase memories.


People die with dreams. At the place where sweet dreams end, he drowned himself in the darkness in which he was immersed in the love of the day.
When you get stuck at the other end of a coffee cup without a lip, it makes the end of all your longing and fortune telling for nothing.
Especially when he saw an empty pair of slippers, he was crying shamelessly in the hallway without giving a reason.

What do you say come back...

I don't have a voice so I can't tell you to come back.
I hid all my cries in my sleep.
If I have the courage to mention your name one more time, I will beg you for the last time, where I can see you alone.


Remember, the one who leaves has never been good for the rest...

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