A perfect instant.

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Let us visualize ourselves in a perfect instant. In the best position we can imagine. In the best site and place we can imagine. With all our biological needs met. With all our wishes fulfilled. All of it. Our conscience in absolute peace. Not our idea of perfection. But such perfection that we can't even conceive of. And now, finding ourselves in that sublime moment, would we move?

The answer is No. At least not until we had some needs to cover. That is why we must emphasize the moment. The same thing happens with the universe. It's like an equation that perpetually has a question mark to answer. That is why there is movement.

Shall we continue? So, if we are here, if there is movement, if there is something that makes us not remain forever as we are right now, it is precisely because not everything is fine.

Let's go deeper. Time does not exist in the sense that we humans measure it. The seconds, the minutes, the hours... are our invention. It is only a system of measurement so that there is a consensus on the duration of time. We've decided how long it lasts a second. How many seconds in a minute. How many minutes in one hour.... But we could have decided that one minute would have, for example, a hundred seconds and that would not change the time itself. Just our timekeeping. Right?

Nor does it exist in the linear sense to which we are accustomed. It is elemental that there is only the -instant- present. Since the -instant- past existed and the -instant- future will exist. It's so obvious, we're missing it.

So, what is time? An instant - not quantifiable - replicating itself infinitely. And every time it replicates it contains variations. That's why we perceive that time is passing. Because of the variations that occur from one moment to the next. If we didn't see any variation, we would have no way of perceiving it.

It is not even a purely physical matter. Because we tend to believe that time is something that happens only in the external reality in an objective way. However, if we were in a state of sensory deprivation - without sight, without hearing, without smell, without touch and without taste - we would still have temporal perception. In our minds. The succession of our thoughts would indicate instant variation. I mean, time. Therefore, time also exists on the mental plane. It is not only external but also internal. And, again, it has nothing to do with the consensual measure we have of it.

If we realize, that nature of time, the instant that replicates itself without end, is no different from the rest of the living organisms that reproduce. Everything tends to replicate because it is the only way to perpetuate itself. So, we could even say that time is alive. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

I try to make sure that we can understand what time is because, in the end, it's just that: the variation, the movement. And, according to the initial idea, if everything were fine, if everything were absolutely sublime and perfect, there would be no variation or movement. Ergo, there wouldn't be time.

Everything that exists, vibrates. Even a stone, apparently so solid, is a set of atoms in motion. If it didn't vibrate it would be imperceptible. And, therefore, it would not exist. That means everything has life. At least as much as we can perceive. Even the screen through which we are reading these lines. All those objects that we consider inert are indeed alive.

Where does that leave us? I bet there's no such thing as non-existence. Only existence can exist. Another obviousness so elementary that it escapes us. Perhaps this will begin to bring us a little closer to the concept of the eternal. Existence is infinite. It can't be any other way. Our mind fights against that idea. Even if you accept it, you can't conceive of it, can you?

Why? Because the universe as a whole is limitless. That which is neither defined nor formless. The absolute potential. That's why it's infinite. And so it can take infinite forms. But each of those forms it takes is a note of that totality. It is limited. And our mind and our identity are a limited form. An outline of the universe. To be the definite and concrete form that we are, we necessarily don't have to be many other forms. Do we see it? That is why we cannot embrace infinity. And, consequently, we cannot be infinite.

Our limited form, of course, has its limits. That means we'll disappear. That we'll die. But not existence. Existence is eternal because non-existence cannot exist. All right. Let us ask ourselves what we really are. The limited form with which we identify? or pure unlimited existence taking on a limited form? I don't intend to be around. Asking the questions and finding the answers are the responsibility of each of us. Let's just get to know each other better.

Let us take a moment, we know that we seem to make a lot of detours and that we are not going anywhere. But in order for us to get where we want to go, we cannot or will not know how to do it, for the time being, in any other way. Everything is interrelated. We can't go straight to the end. Every journey has a path. It is inevitable to travel through it to reach your destination. We cannot understand the final concept, the one our mind wants now to stop thinking that it is wasting time, without having first understood certain related concepts. I want us to be aware that everything is in everything. Everything behaves the same way. All those limited forms that the universe takes, possess the nature itself of the universe. That's why we can see identical patterns in apparently different things. That's why the universe is in us and in everything.

Excuse me if you find the message simple and the argument is scarce. Everything is as it is.

Have a good time.

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