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"Time flies."
Oh, come on, a cliche.
But yeah it does, doesn't it?
It does fly when you are in happy moments.
It does when it's a holiday and tomorrow's another day to go to work.
It does when you just wanna enjoy your time.
It does when you just don't want to face the other reality of life.

Look, the clock is as if not even ticking!
A statement on someone's forehead.

It undoubtedly does when you're in down moments.
It invariably does when you are working with piles of papers on your desks, and more reports to manage.
It assuredly does when you just wanna cease your time.
It promptly does when you just wanna savor the other flavor of life.

Especially when you are waiting...


Waiting desists you from the movement of time.
Waiting impedes your heart from beating, I hope you feel it.
Well, it could be one thing to wait and ask, "When will the clock tick again?"

What if... it won't ever tick again?
A friend said, "It is also another thing to check if the battery is still working."
I then asked myself, "Do I have to, or it is already flatly obvious?"
Why is it so easy to accept the cliche and not the opposite?

Thanks for reading! ^^


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