Slowing down time

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Most of us have been conditioned to see time as an unchangeable constant. Yet it is not so. Einstein has already shown that time is relative to speed. If you traveled away from Earth in a space ship for a year you will have felt the journey as a year long yet your absence would be shown in Earth time as a longer period. If you traveled for many years there would be a possibility that your loved ones passed on before your return. Experience of time would impact the biology and aging process in a substantial and very noticeable way.

Have you however noticed how some people age at much slower rate? There are many that defy the norm. Experiencing time differently is the answer to their longevity. It is being high vibrational that makes it possible.

We tend to see vibrations in linear fashion: as waves expanding and oscillating outwards in straight lines. Some are faster then others travelling at different speed. Instead lets imagine those waves travelling in a circular motion. The circle can become as small as a human cell. When we talk of high vibrational human it is his or her cells that vibrate at high speed. When we are in expansive states of being feeling love gratitude and kindness such high speeds are sustainable due to lack of resistance.Higher speed creates an altered experience of time at molecular level. It changes to a “slower time”.

Conversely time feels longer when states of fear, depression and aggression are experienced. We descend into lower vibrational speed on molecular levels. Stress really does age our physicality.

Everyone has a choice to experience whatever they like but taking the higher road facilitates longevity and health.

Love expressed daily has the potential to make you physically immortal 🙂

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