The ideal time Spectrum

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Time is one of the fundamental essence of life. Time is universally indispensable and everything that is accomplished is done within a space of time. That brings me to discuss briefly, The ideal time Spectrum.
Ideal time spectrum from my perspective, illustrate the range of time required to carry out a given task inorder to yeid desired results. Event occurrence is a functionality of time, there is need to identify the ideal time required to bring about a positive occurrence. Everything good thing in life happens within a time spectrum (range of time) so also the bad. Below are some of the areas that shows the importance of ideal time spectrum.

     In Agriculture, the ideal time spectrum of each particular crop need to be met for harvest to occur. Each crop type has its own typical timing of planting. The duration between planting and maturation would be complete before there can be harvest. 

     In Economics, there should be an ideal time spectrum for increase in wages of workers, importation of goods etc to avoid inflation outburst which is not good especially for a growing economy. 

     In business or corporate world, high class business moguls make use of ideal time spectrum to facilate profit in business. They know the ideal time to launch their products in the market and when not to.

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     In Mining, there are certain natural resources that are to be mined at a particular time or season so as to avoid environmental hazards. 

      In Military, elite military personnel decipher the ideal time of engaging the enemy in combat in order to have victory. Furthermore, the use of new military tactics such as nuclear and biological weapons are used at certain period of time because collateral damage  needs to be estimated in order to forestall excess damage. 

       In summary, the phenomenon **The ideal time Spectrum** cut across all the major facets of life as its importance cannot be overemphasized. Implementation of *Ideal time Spectrum* in individual lives for positive motives could bring about such a tremendous change and transformation for a better living.
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