A Geometry to Time

in #time2 years ago (edited)

the eternity beyond the temporary,
the infinity beyond the change,
what am i really doing here,
contemplating a geometry to time.
so impossibly extraordinary this existence,
if i am this once it is obvious before i've been,
not once but perhaps countless many times,
a pattern of being continuing forever age to age.
to rediscover or remember my true union with IT,
karma is transcended,
for world as self and self as world,
the realization can only produce action harmonious with cosmic order.
if i were to have a billion lives yet to live before I should Awaken,
then be IT so,
for my debts are zero eventually, as all souls must come back Home to Now,
from which fullness springs from fullness,
and emptiness and form are one fabric, One Infinity.

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