Tim Cook responds to the report on the resignation of Jony Ive from Apple

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Jony I ve's case of Apple's resignation could only cause some predictable responses after the weekend's WSJ report was released. With heavy allegations linked to Tim Cook's fresh corporate policies and the Cupertino company's board of directors, it was the CEO who replied with a letter.

Tim Cook wrote an email to NBC News that described the abandonment report by Jony I ve as "ridiculous." The senior manager strongly rejected every aspect of the tale reported by the WSJ discussing distorted facts and not representing reality. Here's what Cook wrote in the letter: "The story is absurd. Much of what's reported, and certainly the conclusions, don't correspond to reality. At a basic level, it shows a lack of understanding of how the design team works and how Apple works. It distorts relationships, decisions and events to" We don't acknowledge the business he claims to define. The design team has a fantastic talent. They're stronger than ever, as Jony said, and I'm confident they'll flourish under Jeff, Evans and Alan's management. We know the truth and we know the incredible things I can do, the projects they are working on will leave you speechless. "Of course, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) could not have expected a different statement and it is also possible that there is a secrecy agreement between the company and Jony I ve itself to avoid data not only about future goods but even the end of the colla.

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