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General Douglas MacArthur was raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, dated on January 26, 1880. Gen. Arthur MacArthur his father, is an infamous general. Trained in an aimless assemble on Western borderline post, Douglas MacArthur brought to mind, "I learned to ride and shoot even before I could read or write." A penniless and average student, he started to accelerate upon joining the military institute, Douglas accomplished an impressive record. He graduated with the highest scholastic average at the Institute in twenty-five years.

He went to the Philippines for his 1st military mission. Year 1904, Douglas was promoted to 1st lieutenant and that month of October was authorized to become his father's confidential assistant in Japan. Soon after that, Douglas embarked upon a expedition to the Far East, which he later called the "most important preparation of my entire life.

The Great American General Douglas MacArthur reached boundless recognition through his military achievements in the Pacific at the time of World War II and the cold war.


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