Filipinos and for their love of ‘lechon’

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Lechon is derived from the Spanish word “leche” or the Spanish word for milk or for suckling pig since suckling pigs were the only ones being roasted before. However, as the popularity of the dish increased, so were the types of pig that were skewered and cooked over hot coals.
Here in the Philippines, a whole roasted pig, “lechon nga baboy” where the process of cooking lechon involves the whole pig or piglet being slowly roasted over charcoal.

In the Philippines, lechon is every one’s favorite delicacy of which most Filipinos are crazy about. We would surge through waters and climb mountains in the farthest barangay of our beloved relatives and friends who are celebrating fiesta just to take a bite on that savory mouthwatering lechon. Foreign people would not understand our crazed with lechon like us Filipino do but when it comes to food sure we always seem to manage to find ways.

If Italians are known for their pasta, French have their wine, Mexicans have their quesadillas and taco and Americans have their burger. Well, we absolutely have our lechon of which we hold the distinction of having the best lechon in the the world. Even Time magazine and renowned American chef Anthony Bourdain seem to agree.

Some foreigners cannot fathom of what makes the Filipino so engrossed with a golden brown pig lazed on a table and cleverly wrapped on a manila paper. For them is just too absurd and surreal to think of it as a main course of a meal. I can never forget what my teacher told me before on her encounter with a foreigner who was totally flabbergasted seeing a full body of a golden pig like a miniature Buddha laden and surrounded with different kinds of cuisines with an apple on its mouth. It would be animal abused for them and perhaps they might call the nearest PETA in town. People would lounge on it and start attacking once the lechon landed on the table not even less than a minute and you can already see the ribs showing off from the poor pig that has been roasted for hours.

The usual thing with Filipinos is that they never let their stomach get full if the lechon has not yet arrived, they always save space for the lechon so they can devour a handful of it like there’s no tomorrow. For some people who come on time would have the best portion of the body parts and would usually go for the ribs.
As you dislodge the knife and take your parts of it you can smell the savory of all the spices and most of all the lemon grass that’s been put unto the pig’s innards.

Records show that our ancestors have been roasting pigs long before the Spanish had set foot in the country. However, the lechon recipes that we have become accustomed to are most likely from the Spaniards as part of their influence in our local cuisine.During national festivities known as fiestas, the holiday season, and other special occasions such as weddings, graduations, birthdays and baptisms, or family get-togethers lechon is always present. It is usually the highlight and the most popular dish of these events. If there’s no lechon the celebration is a little bit plain or boring to most Filipinos. It’s the lechon that makes the occasion special

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For those who are into keto diet, they love lechon.

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