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Good Day steemians!

Since I have started my steemit account I was constantly thinking of what content to publish. I have been busy writing articles to post for my blogs. However, Since I am very new to this platform and I didn’t know how to get my way on here just yet, I have contacted my friend’s who started steemit ahead of me since I was very paranoid and confused the first time around. I contacted my trusty friend/ Ate boss @purepinay if she can discuss to me all the basics and the things that I need to know. @purepinay is a bitcoin investor and since I was also very confused of cryptocurrency we have decided if we can cover everything in a meeting.

@tianiclao @purepinay @islandprincess @bonjovey

And so we have set the date and the place at my friend’s @emonemolover place.


It was a very productive afternoon indeed! We have covered all the basics, the things that we should know and all the important details there is to know. A lot of topics were discussed and even made future plans for our own steemit team.

Another meeting conducted just today

Joining steemit had boost our friendship and that we see each other more often now than ever before.

Thank you for reading my little report for today. Kisses!

If you haven't read @surpassinggoogle's article about using the tag:
pls take time to read it, it is very helpful to all aspiring Filipino bloggers like me. Link below:
“ achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.”- @surpassinggoogle

Thank you to our mentor @purepinay and @supassinggoogle.
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Help me welcome the newbies: @bonjovey @pamela-jarde @beeyatiful @khailynxxi @ayenfenn @darylsid11 @ilabyulangga1017 @suicid4lst4r

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I have a feeling your going to get real popular real quick on here. You should probaly write about the different places you visit in the Philippines. Your in real estate as well so you could also just show off the houses your trying to sell. Get people an idea of how much it would cost to move there. Keep on steemin!!!!

I dont think i will be that popular.. Thanks tho! 😘 Oh my gosh good idea! Thank you for the suggestion that would also be a good marketing strategy for me! Hahah commission 😍😍😍 lololol

Wala muna pansinan!

Hahahahhaahha effort ha! Pero ang cute! 😁😁😁

Great job girls!, Have fun and steem on!

We will sure do.. 😁😘

Nice to see people like you promoting #steemit. Thanks for your inspiration..


The goal is to promite it so that the whole philipines can benefit from it. Hahahaha fighting! 🔥🔥 thank you too 😘😘

Hello Steemians 😉makakabili kana ng eruplano nito princess😄you're doing so good in Steemit 😄

Palawan madz!!!!!

hahaha sige lipad na tayo to Palawan! xD

Withdraw na? Hahahaha jk

hahaha next month na kay milyon na yung sayo :)) jk

Hahahah over!!! Ikaw milion na maglagay ka pa ng $400 diba! Iba ka talaga

hindi ako naka $100 sa post ko! $100 lang muna ilagay ko haha

Bicycle lang muna! Hahahahha grabe sya

looks like a very successful meeting. :) you're doing great here on steemit! keep it up.

wow ganda naman puwdi ko bang i follow sila mga friends mo po?

Ou po!! Follow nyo po sila. Magaganda yan sila hahaha

Great to see how you support each other to get more familiar with Steemit. It can be confusing and difficult when you start and have noone to help you. The Philippines rock! :)

Yes. Correct. Im lucky i have friends whonsyarted ahead of me. More fun in ph.

Cheers to the steemit workers! haha @bonjovey absent ka today!

Cheers to more beers And steemit party to come!

cheers to abs! haha

Hahahhaaha ung mr. Abs mo halaaa

huhu waleyyy na sya :((

This steem team work is really amazing, i wish i can also have these productive meetings. Anyways

Hey hey! Were getting steemit t-shirts soon! Cant wait 😍😍

Wow, that's great

Yeap yeap.. 😁😁

Sama po kayo next time! Tayo lahat team ph! Para masaya ✋🏻✋🏻

Nice that Steemit Philippines community is growing fast. :)

Yasssss !!! 😁😁

pak! panalo! uwian na tlga hahaha

Goals!! Dapat achieve!! Haha

pak na pak! goo girl!

Laban lang talaga!

Para sa economiya


Ay salamat po! 😁😁

You guys are funny. Flaunting dem luxury slim PCs. So much moolah in the building

Heyyy nooo! Lololol maybe the people im with. Im btoke af 😂😅

@islandprincess you can make some quick progress here as you have awesome group of people around. You people are doing great job for steemit community. keep it up!.

Nice one and nice shot! Keep going!!! Go enter to Discord Channel...


Im on discord already. May you please send me links to your discord channels. 😁