Loving the beautiful nature of the world and appreciate life

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Its been a while when i posted my last post. It took me longer before getting back to my steemit stuff due to some important matters. I been through a lot of trials right now but i never gave up, it is just part of an imperfect life.

Despite of diffculties, appreciating life is still matter the most. And this is also appreciating the beautiful world.

Lets forget pain for a while, with this beautiful veiws of the world.

Truly, beautiful surroundings helps you to forget whatever pains you have in your heart.

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I just love the peaceful sea, the orange sunset and the beautiful beach. This photo was taken at El Tzino, located at Cauayan Negros Occidental. I took a quick break last week just to hybernate and recharge more energy to face new challenge in life.

The white sand and the white dog.

White sand, Clear water and orange sunset on the horizon.

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Its really nice to step on the white sand, making a sand castle and looking for shells. White sand makes the beach more attractive and relaxing.

It is indeed a perfect place to relax, to find peace and happiness.

Freedom to live life to the fullest

This is what we got, the freedom to enjoy life and live with it to the fullest.

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Away from crowded place, away from stressful work and away from the populated city. Its a place that i been dreaming to live for a lifetime.


nice view sir

Relax relax din pag may time..