Sec. of State Tillerson Caught On Tape Saying Starving People To Death Is Good Foreign Policy

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Here's my rundown of the insane moment last week that our Secretary of State said starving people to death shows that our foreign policy is working well. This is what it looks like to have a fully-realized corporate state that puts profit over all else, including human lives.
Keep Fighting,


Great work Lee.
These people are so detached from reality they fail to see what utter scumbags they are.
Makes me sick to think that anyone could enact such disgusting policies let alone try to convince the rest of us they're doing the right thing.
What a dirtbag Tillerson is.

I love how you break this down!

Yay...people are starving to death...yay...we're the good guys right?

The dying proves our good-guy moves are working..

Hilarious and depressing all at the same time.

Thanks Lee

It's great that he came on board... finally lol!

There is an interesting adoption trend happening, no?
Finally some GOOD journalists and Satirists who can really start getting some gears turning without pandering for Ads and Sponsors. I love Lee's work and think he is a Perfect Influencer for moving this platform further down the field.
Kind regards ; )

Watching with joy, so pleased that I found this video here on Steemit and not on Facebook or Twitter!!! You're kicking ass here already Lee, well done

Absolutely sickening. Thank you for reporting this.

Thank you for being on the other side and reporting cases like this

This is brutal! I have no know what?I hope cryptos and the blockchain technology will grow very fast and break down the current monetary system,so these people can shovel their 'power' up in their as*es from that moment! (sorry for my rant,I just can't believe how evil some people are)

Thank you, Lee Camp! Falling down on the ground funny, but at the same time, quite accurate. Rex Tillerson frightens me, not just because he ran Exxon, or because he has a position of power in running our country's foreign policy, but because he is what passes for sanity and coherence in the Trump administration. Heck, I've seen news articles praising him for being a voice of moderation in the Trump administration!!
I think your deeper point, that are entire national value system is completely bass-ackwards is correct.
I lived and worked for some years in Egypt, where the US props up a military dictator; and after talking extensively with Egyptians from all walks of life, I can assure you that we are not making friends over there. The military government there is not only tyrannical and unpopular, but also laughably corrupt and inept.
I think Jimmy Carter actually had it right back in the Seventies when he started talking about human rights in foreign policy. We need to stick with it.
Anyway, thanks for the post! Keep 'em coming.

Said this before, but so glad you are here. :)

Good blog ..
I am really appreciate to see this post ...
Carry on. best of luck dear

can't believe it, how crazy can people be?

Hey @leecamp I just joined steemit too. Very exciting. I am a big fan of the work that you do and it gives me a big vote of confidence in this platform to see your presence here.

He said starting to hurt, not starting to work.

Sanctions only work when they hurt, not sure what you think that word changes.

Either way, I am sure their people were hurting prior to the sanctions.

As I'm from the country that spent several years under sanctions, I can tell you one thing for sure: they don't work. They are implemented to target the government, but all they do is lock the impoverished citizens inside with the corrupt government, so that it can bleed them dry, murder them if they speak up, and most of all, brain wash them into hating the states that have put them into this position.

Granted, we had it good as far as sanctions go. We always found a way to eat, people used to bake insane amounts, no one knew about gluten intolerance back then, we always managed to swindle medications in, we enjoyed all the best counterfeit chinese goods, before it became cool, I guess we are just that sort of contraband happy nation. Much like Russia is doing well under sanctions now. Granted we didn't grow as Russia is growing, but that's cause instead of Putin, we had an imbecile and an american plant for a president at the time. Or like how Cuba was just fine after decades of sanctions. I guess it's us, communists and ex communists that are perfectly suited to thrive under sanctions.

When I see what is happening to other nations that have sanctions imposed on them, such as north Korea, Venezuela, Syria, how their people are dying cause they can't get food and medicine and basic equipment into the country, I shudder every time thinking that could have been us, if we weren't such contraband happy nation, I might have been dead now too.

I am really sorry because I realize my comment might be seen like I respect sanctions, and I do not. I know they hurt civilians and not the intended target, not for a long time at a least and people will suffer greatly, and I am really disgusted and angry at how people talk about the death of others like a game. When I responded that they only work when they hurt, I was pointing out that the headline and what was implied was not misleading, and that pointing out a single word didn't change the meaning of what was said or meant. I see the comment now and realize that it looks like I support them but I do not in any way, and in fact really vocal about our governments global policy and how big of bullies we are. Again I'm sorry, it must be painful to hear people talk so nonchalantly about something that causes so much suffering :(

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Great work and achievements lee

Glad to have you here, love your vids man, followed

We can't keep these kind people in power... This was a fantastic video about our value system. I think there are plenty of people who feel unable to make change, we need to band together and create a new future.

Thank you for the article.
Still learnig this Steemit, it is a bit hard to understand..
BUT I do understand that this guy must be totally out of his mind for saying such a thing.!!
All the best