Volcanoes: Mount Kelimutu - Indonesia, Mauna Kea - Hawaii.

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When we think of volcanoes the first image that comes to mind is dangerous hot lava flowing and a cloud of smoke. The tri-colored lakes of Mount Kelimutu and the observatory on Mauna Kea make these two volcanoes a must on my bucket list.

There are 3 types of volcanoes:

# Strato – is a steep sided cone formed by layers of lava and ash, it has an explosive eruption with a high-speed flow of thick lava which cools down quickly, rock, dust and hot steam (pyroclastic flow);
# Shield - is broadly shaped with long slope sides, it has fluid lava which pours out of the vents and spreads in all directions;
# Cinder cone – is a very steep cone built from glassy lava fragments which explode from the volcano and cools down very quickly.

Mount Kelimutu – Indonesia

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This scenic volcano on the beautiful island of Flores, Indonesia is a popular tourist attraction due to the naturally occurring phenomenon of the exquisite changing colors of each of the three volcanic crater lakes. The unpredictable colour change is influenced by the oxidation-reduction chemical dynamics in each lake.

On the western part about 1.5km from the other lakes you will find the mostly blue lake,”Tiwu ata Mbupu” (souls of the old people). The other two lakes are located right next to each other, “Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo fai” (the spirit of young people) and “Tiwu Ata Polo” (the spirit of the soothsayers) which are separated by a crater wall of about 50-120 meters, they are respectively blue, green or red. This volcano's last eruption was in June to July 1968.

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To get to this crater you need to hike 1.5 km till you reach the 127 steps which lead to the edge of the crater, at the summit of 1 690km high you will enjoy the panoramic view of the lakes. Best times to view these lakes are in the early mornings during July and August.

Mauna Kea - Hawaii

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Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano and one of the five volcanoes in Hawaii, it towers 4 200 meters above sea level and its peak is the highest point in Hawaii. Nearly half of this mountain is under water and if you take these measurements into account it will then be the tallest mountain in the world reaching a height of 10 000 meters from the sea floor to the summit. Most of this mountain is made of shield-building lava and the summit is covered with glacial till.

Mauna Kea mountain is an astrologers’ paradise with pitch dark skies and low humidity. It has an observatory with 13 large telescopes operated by research teams from all over the world. It is reckoned to be the best place to study astrology.

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Visitors to this summit needs to be over 16 years of age and in good health, as you can experience altitude sickness due to the quick 2 hour ascend by car from sea level to 4 200 meters above sea level and at that height, there is 40% less oxygen.

Follow this link to experience the skies from one of the telescopes at Mauna Kea:

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Thanks for sharing the information about Mount Kelimutu and Mauna Kea. A post like this worth sharing because we gain information easily.


Thank you kekhrie, I loved learning more about all the different volcanoes in the world and I am truly looking forward experiencing these two first hand.

Good and quality blog with giant amount of data. Loved it!

Thank-you @crazymumzysa for your wonderful post on volcanoes. Yes, Hawaii is famous for its volcanoes especially Kilauea. It's been spouting lava continuously for as long as I can remember. We love the the volcanoes but the vog that we get everyday can be hard, especially when the trade winds don't blow it away. In the Hawaiian culture the volcano is part of the culture so the Hawaiians want to protect their sacred land. Have a great day! :D


Thank you cabbagepatch. You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place, my heart yearns to experience it and I hope soon this dream will become a reality.

thx for sharing

Wonderful images....thanks for sharing both the mountains look beautiful

Bewitching photos @crazymumzysa, scale and grandeur of these volcanoes are amazing!

Thank you for all the information in this post wow. Have you been to or around any volcano's? I have in Alaska flat top erupted and people were gathering ash in wheel barrels to sift through for gold and apparently potters love it for there works as well. Would that be a Strato type of volcano? up voted this post feel free to check out my blog as well thanks.


Thank you user0103283. It must have been spectacular. I will pay your blog a visit.

nice post sir your vote is important for me @deshwal

Volcanoes project i have done in my school and its advantage and disadvatage .love the info

I arise thinking .. please reply to my comments because I thought about the following matter. .. how or what should we coral or we preach so many votenya.? Please explain.?

Informative post...

Very good share about volcanoes. I follow you. Thank You.


hola, I have'nt heard that indonesia has a lot of volcanoes :) <3

nice post sir and your vote is important for me please do it

Very Nice

really nice post

it's just amazing how mush power The Earth bears inside of it considering those are just a small pimples on the surface. But still the amount of energy dispersed and mountains moved... it makes you feel so small.


Thank you bescouted. Nature, when we take the time to appreciate it has a tendency to make us feel how insignificant we are, it humbles us but feeds us with energy at the same time.


Exactly, that is why we have to take care of it, as it takes care of us. Essentially it is taking care of ourselves.

Nice picture

What is scientific process on volcanic eruption???

Lets discuss.


Amazing place, may be one day will get there too!

Enlightening article with great photos. The fact that Mauna Kea actually rises 10000 meters from the sea-bed is particularly interesting,


Thank you sea-cottage. I love doing research and finding more places I would like to see. Love your user name and where you stay even more. Want to trade places with me. Uvongo used to be a regular hangout when my kids were younger and we often paid St. Michaels a visit. Even when in Scottburgh, we still drive out to your part of the world. Enjoy the beauty which surrounds you.


Thanks @crazymumzysa Where in SA do you stay?


I am from Gauteng, Roodepoort.


Small world! We are also from Roodepoort and moved to the coast at the end of last year.

@crazymumzysa Great day I value all the info and hard work thank you :).

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@crazymumzysa Yes really good post. Followed
Fascinating story. Hope you get what you wish from this project. Have a nice day. Followed.

Very well written and informative!