4 Popular Myths About Wood Grain Tiles Busted

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The wood-grain tile revolution has taken its own position in interior décor within the last couple of decades. Many designers are choosing wood wall tiles. In décor because of its durability and effortless maintenance of tiles.


Although hardwood nevertheless remains a popular option for homeowners, most are currently seeking wood-grain tiles for cost effective alternatives. However, there are lots of people who continue to be doubtful about this substance for flooring tiles. Let us put those fears to rest by breaking down the truths.

Myth 1 -- Inauthenticity
Some believe that grout joints create wood-grain tile floors that appear inauthentic. It's crucial to be aware that using wood-grain tiles you ought to go for tiles which have rectified borders. This usually means that the advantages of each tile have been automatically finished so they are exact and consistent, letting you set the tiles together using a minimum grout. You may hardly have the ability to inform a natural hardwood flooring in the wood-look tile flooring with this little element.

Myth 2 -- Cold Floors
Most of us recognize that tile floors do sustain a medium temperature. That doesn't mean it needs to be chilly, wood-grain tile is well suited to glowing subfloor heating. There are lots of sorts of subfloor heating tiles and available are put directly on the top of it to get a warm and humid floor around your house.

Myth 3 -- Counterfeit
There's not any doubt that hardwood has a natural allure, but the travel of wood-grain tile continues to be rapid and with every new product the caliber becomes just better. Digital imaging and high-tech production has introduced realistic textures and artwork which make timber grain tile hard to tell apart from real wood with no closer look.

Myth 4 -- Extended Planks Warp
Any tile that's more than 15 inches may pose a challenge with lippage and warping if not installed properly. It's vital to be certain you adhere to the appropriate procedure of setup with long tops of wood-grain tiles. Stagger tiles at a brick-joint pattern with no more than 33% Nominal. Always locate a certified installer for ceramic tile floors to receive the best results and to prevent any damages.

Now you know everything is excellent about wood-grain tiles, plan your floors renovation project because you enjoy it and delight in the beauty of it.

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