TIL : The Krampus - The Christmas Demon!

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When you think of Christmas what goes through your mind?

For most people, you think of Santa, Reindeer, Little elves running around the north poll making toys for good children. Fun and happy times for the little ones opening their presents


This is ofcourse only true unless you live in Germany, Austria and other parts of the alps regions. There is something else terrifying, that lurks in the shadows in these parts of the world.

The Krampus


For everyone else we know that if you are naughty you receive no presents from Santa but if you behave during the year you are rewarded with gifts from good Ol' Saint Nicholas. In the above mentioned countries this is somewhat true, there is actually Saint Nicholas ( where the name Santa comes from) and His angels ( usually known as the Christkind ).

The Christkind are the angels who deliver the presents during Christmas - If you are a good boy or girl of course.

Then this is where the Krampus comes in, if you misbehave during the year the Krampus gives you a visit instead of the Christkind -The Krampus is one of Saint Nicholas's companions during Christmas time. The Krampus is a half goat half demon looking creature and usually carries chains and/or bells( Which he makes a hell of a noise with to add extra effect) and chases naughty children with bundles of branches or whips to hit the children with. He also carries a woven basket that he put's the extremely naughty children in to cart off for drowning, eating or transporting to hell.

Next time you visit any areas the Krampus roam, I surely hope you behave your self ;)

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The Krampus is a half goat half demon looking creature

I heard it's half man, half bear, and half pig.


man bear pig! We cannot speak of such things in this area.

that krampus movie was pretty creepy