The Starfish and the Spider - Great book about the power of decentralization

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If you are fed up with constantly checking the price at just to find out that the market seems to get worse every day, than you might like the following book recommendation that shows the power of decentralisation and is guaranteed a better way to spend your time more productive.

The Starfish and the Spider

I just started to read this awesome book, The Starfish and the Spider written by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom which shows the power of decentralised organisations and how it is nearly impossible to restrict, censor or stop them!

A great example provided at the start of book is the music industry and how their dominance got disrupted when a 18 year old boy nicknamed "Napster" launched a little company that allowed users to logging to a centralised server and share files (peer to peer service) with others around the world.

Since the Server was centralised, it provided a clear target to the lawyers of the music industry and Napster eventually ceased operations. The idea however of sharing music around the world for free was out and couldn't be stopped anymore. Shortly later new peer to peer service were founded which didn't use a decentralised server. You might remember"Kazaa". This kind of development continued with "eDonkey" and later on "eMule" which are decentralised, open source and run on any computer.

"When attacked, a decentralised organisation tends to become even more open and decentralised."

The Starfish and the Spider

Another great example in the book of how powerful decentralisation is was how the Apaches did survive the Spanish attacks while earlier highly developed civilisations like the Inca and Maya who had a centralised power and living structure have been destroyed. The Spanish took their gold, killed their leaders and stopped food supplies to their main cities. The Apaches however didn't live in cities but where scattered in tribal groups. They also didn't had one single leader but followed who they wanted to follow, so anyone could be a leader.


The current innovation is to send digital money, instant with no or minimal fee's to anybody around the world, at any time. Like in the previous example with the music industry and Napster, today the financial institutions who would loose the most if this continues will try everything to stop or at least regulate it but eventually blockchain and digital money will succeed due to it's decentralised nature and demand from people around the world.

The fact is that the "Genie is out of the bottle" and digital money is the unstoppable future.



I have to scroll past so many @haejin posts before I get to one I want to read. Thanks for this, I'll check out this book it sounds interesting and just the think to take my mind off my most frequented website 😁

I am sure you are going to enjoy the book, reading it is indeed a great positive distraction.

this is the future in some days it will all be about decentralize platforms and process

we can feel that power everyday steemit alone for an example

The Future is right now here DECENTRALISATION

no one can stop that genie for sure bro you said it right the future is going to be incredible

Thanks for sharing about this book seems like a must read one :) the power of decentralised is about to get the boost

Hmmm you are right market cap is always up and down its just vaste of time and we should read some books in our free time for learning as you learn about cancer

I love this post! Decentralizing is the way to go and digital money will soon replace paper money, we just have to adopt to this new technology.

Yes, it is just a matter of time I think.

Where are you busy these days? I cannot see your 3D work and tutorials here anymore.

Hi, I try to learn JavaScript and watching tutorials / reading takes most of my free time currently. I will definitely do 3d tutorials again in the near future.

Wow, your post sounds really positive towards the book and the Cryptocurrency market and in this moment in my opinion everyone needs these kind of positive vibes because sometimes it's really difficult to find out the motivation. Thanks for this recommendation and keep up the great work and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

interesting post @tarekadam. makes me want to have the book

Thank you, yes it is a very interesting topic.

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The chess of decentralization.

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