TIL: '#til Steemit Posts' Were Trending! I Witnessed It. I Recorded It! Here's Evidence!

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Well, here is something i learned today and it is going to be plain and short. I am laying it bare or putting it out as i know that not everyone on steemit knows this!

A tiny vision started like a bit more than a week ago, to allow for steemit users to get rewarded even for 'short posts with links', so as to allow a bit more space for fun on steemit and to attract redditors, is bearing fruit!

For today, the subcategory TIL was trending! I witnessed it

In the picture below, you will find that posts tagged TIL filled up the trending category earlier today and this was a joy to see:

According to their vision:

Jumpstarting New Tags, Rewarding Comments, Boosting Engagement and Going Viral! 

Today, we’re starting to reward new categories such us  #funny and  #til where you’ll be rewarded well for posting AND commenting with good content in these tags. Yes, comments will be rewarded too! Because human interaction is one  of the most important aspects not only of social media, but in life  itself. On addition to that, we’re also jumpstarting the  #news tag on Steemit to make sure that people get rewarded well for posting and commenting on news stories. Let’s face it, most people get their news today from social media. So  why go elsewhere to get your news updates while you can get rewarded  for posting and commenting here in this amazing platform?

This tiny vision to making steemit a better place is bearing fruit. 

Kudos to @donkeypong, @the-alien, @roelandp, @smooth, @berniesanders, @nextgencrypto, @donkeypong!

And thanks to @sykochica for making me write my first post under TIL.

Today, i saw TIL POSTS trending!

Overall, if you didn't already know, this is a testimony! Why not join the trend and tell us something you learnt today?

Let's Grow Steemit!