[TIL] How to Draw a Leopard With Pencil - Big Cat

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[video tutorial step by step] How to Draw a Leopard With Pencil - Big Cat

This video tutorial was made by Leonardo Pereznieto on youtube.

visit : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaapxaQKJFJ6XC56CHgeTzw

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Beautiful job sir @royalmacro, congratulations, I am passionate about animals and nature. I really like the work I do, it looks very realistic.
Thank you very much for sharing


please, give thanks to Leonardo Pereznieto. He is the artist


I visited the Leonardo Pereznieto channel and gave my support to his work. It is really amazing the works of this man. Has much material to spread.
Congratulations on the find Mr. @royalmacro


yes ........ he is an awesome artist
thanks @jlufer

Great work :) I am following !



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