I just found a bug in steemit system : After logged out I can upvote,comment or post

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Today I just found a bug in steemit system. After logged out my account I can “upvote or comment or even make a new post“.Look into this now :

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Sounds like a cookie problem but thanks for pointing it out.

I also think about that. It's a cookie problem. But, for every browser & every time the same thing happens

Umm, sessions work per tab. If you didn't close all your tabs with open sessions, then you are still logged in on another one.

If you actually want to close your computer, do you just close 1/2 the programs and then say "its closed".

No. You shut it all down. The same with a website. If you want to actually log out...then you actually need to log out and close all the sessions tabs... just like you would close all the programs to shutdown...


hmm ........ thank you

this is maybe because the access to the account is saved in the browser's side, and not sent to steemit.com's server (the web browser is signing the transactions)
but you are right about its not being a proper behaviour. when i log out from a website in one tab i expect it to be logged out completely

try to open an issue in https://github.com/steemit/steemit.com

yes ......... it's the correct answer ........ thanks

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