TIL: Historical dates illustrated by my original art

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On the 22 of november in 1906 - At an international conference in Berlin adopted an agreement on the use of SOS signal as a call for help.


On the 22 of november in 1763 Catherine II (Russian Empress) established the Russian Medical Collegium.

On the same day in 1859 the work of Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species" went on sale


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@nekromarinist - are these all up on your website?

Got it. Thanks - passing it on :)

It translates!

great : )

I love the style you draw in. It goes very well with that hard paper you used!

thank you @art-vandelay actually, I can open my big secret to you, this background paper made in photoshop to make drawing more stylish :)

Paper is paper. It looks good however you did it.

thanks alot:)

Have you ever used a glass dip pen??

no I have not. I always use gel pen or pencil

I love these! Are these done with ink?

thank you @thecryptofiend this two drawn with pencil

OK cool.

thank you for resteem :)

No problem. You're welcome.

Great works :)

thank you @yoganarchista

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Love these....even if the one with the bunny is a bit disturbing. LOL