Did you know - a blue whale tongue weighs more than a few elephants?!steemCreated with Sketch.

in til •  2 years ago

A blue whale tongue can weigh up to 200 tons

Well a male African elephants can weigh about 7000 kg

So lets do a calculation:

If 1 tongue = 181437 kg and 1 elephant = 7000 kg
181437 / 7000
=26 elephants

Ohh, I forgot that the toungue can also be about 32 m long.

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This is not something i see everyday hahahha


@bryanlai98 we learn a new thing everyday...thanks for reading.


Yes sir ... i agree ... its for knowledge nd knowledge can come from any side

Thanks, mokluc, for the incredible info about the world we live in)))


@leosenior thanks for reading...glad you liked it.

So impressive . The real big creature are living in the water :D


@mastodonte I have been to the zoo to see an elephant and always believed its huge but this has really changed my way of thinking. Thanks for reading

@mokluc did you now that a turtle can breathe through its asshole ahah !!! :D


@zebu really...that I will have to research about

I feel like this is one of those random facts that people throw out at parties and someone demands it to be googled to be proven real. Haha, very nice! Did you know you can tell the difference between African and Asian Elephants by the size of their ears?

Wow ..... friend ... what a amaizing concept ..... i never knew that ....like me many people come to know the fact first time today ..... really thanks for sharing this nice post .... i want to follow u for more this kind amaizing news ... i m a very very new comer in steem it family ...slowly slowly learning from u all ... not even start my intro vedio ... just watch my steem family members ... lets make a known perple ...make some friends ... i wish yr good luck ... hope i found u also with me mh friend