TIL : Overuse of Deodorant can Kill you

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We all can agree on the fact that  deodorant helps to remove the bad smell and enhances social interactions but there are side effects also. A Deodorant consists of aerosols which helps to neutralise the bad odour and stink. It can make you and others feel great but consists of some harmful substances that may have severe effect on our health if overused.  

  1. Deodorant consists of aluminium(Neurotoxin) compounds that may cause Alzheimer's and Breast Cancer. A study is conducted based on post-mortem of Alzheimer patients and it revealed that they have higher content of Aluminium.
  2. Deodorant sprayed on chest increases the risk of being absorbed and cause tumours however there are some conflicts in this matter and National Cancer Institute(NCI) says that it needs further research to know for sure. To Learn more about it at Antiperspirants/Deodorants and Breast Cancer.
  3. Deodorant consists of parabens, used as a preservative, have the same effect as oestrogen. According to a study, parabens can alter the DNA of breasts and cause tumours but NCI says it needs further research.
  4. Deodorant consists of phthalates which may cause cell mutation and hormones, consequently increases the chance of birth defects.
  5. Jonathon, a 16 year old boy, from Great Manchester was found dead due to the overuse of deodorant over time. The post-mortem examination of his body showed that he had very high amount of aerosols propellants in his body. These compounds may have collected in his body over time due to overuse of deodorant in a closed environment and died of hypoxia

Source : https://www.quora.com/What-will-happen-if-I-never-use-deodorant 

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oh! my god ...... scary news. I'm lucky that I am not excessive using deodorant


Likewise :)


Great article @funnyman! The reasons you listed above are exactly why we created Storm & Leif All Natural Deodorants. It's scary what's put in our everyday items, we wanted to give people an amazing product that they could feel safe using.

So can force chokes...


What about the old people who spray too much perfume on themselves, are they at risk too? Is that how they got old?


Come on man! Getting old is a natural process. What i am imlying to say is use deodorant but do not overuse it.


I know I know I know, I just wanted to sneak in a way to diss the people who perfume overload :)

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