TIL: TITANPOINTE - Spy Hub in New York

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Today I learned about a mysterious building in New York located at 33 Thomas Street that some are claiming is an NSA surveillance facility. According to the article I read in The Intercept, this building is owned by AT&T and was built in the early 70’s to house all of their hardware for processing long-distance telephone calls. Although not directly referenced by Edward Snowden, evidence suggests this is the NSA site code-named “TITANPOINTE” that is used to collect data on communications that flow through the facility.

Have any of you New Yorkers out there heard rumors about this site?
Is there anyone you know who works or has worked out there?

There’s nothing better than a great mystery right in the middle of our largest city! I’m curious to hear what you all think about this facility!


Yes I have always wondered myself. I lived on Broadway in soho for many years so I passed it very frequently.
Rumor has it is FBI or CIA but who knows.