TIL: How Sleeping Position Can Affect Your Dreams

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Have you ever wonder how your sleeping position affects our dreams? Well let me tell you something, today i learn how our sleeping poaition affects our dreams (nightmares) Each sleep position can influence your dreams — for better or worse — and your overall sleep.

Sleeping on the leftside for people with heart burn like me the best position to sleep is on our left side. GERD is a frequent cause of sleeplessness and it could affect our dream content. Sleeping on the left side keeps our stomach below our esophagus, and gravity may help with reflux. So sleeping on our right side may cause us to dream of swallowing or burning.

both sides recalled their dreams just as effectively, yet the left-sided sleepers were far more likely to have nightmares.

Most of us loves to sleep on our back, it is comfortable position for pregnant women, when i was pregnant i usually sleep on my back, but you know what? sleeping on your back, may lead to lower back pain, and it could cause other problems that may alter our dreams. The face-up position may lead to snoring, encourage sleep apnea, and interfere with restful sleep. While sleeping on your stomach may put strain on your lower back and cause neck pain.

So, what is your best position?

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All I know is if you have a back issue supposedly if you do sleep on your back put a pillow under your knees, if you sleep on your side put a pillow between your legs.

Yes, thank you for pointing.

most people sleep on sides not back
odd article

what i mean is facing up. :) I know some people who always sleep facing up.

allright ;)

sleeping on your left takes pressure off the lymph drainage , it's also better for people that tend to snore.