Daily Tiktok Goals

in #tiktok2 years ago

Goals are important. To have goals you have to set goals. Yesterday I set a goal for myself. To post this post is to keep that goal. Let's see what the search engine optimization of @Steemit can do for my Tiktok.

Last night I posted a video. Today's result is 1,000 views.

I'm thankful for those following me here to share in my adventure. I'm happy to invite you to my Tiktok page.

You'll notice that I'm shadowboxing each day. I'm hopeful you'll watch along. The shadowboxing will continue till January 30th 2020. The Jake Paul vs Gib fight is coming. I've got a Jake Paul song. I'm going to do an animated video to support my prediction. I'm going to release the animated video with the Daddy Kid Jake Paul song included.

You'll have to join the fun! Use the audio wheels on my page to further my future in the music industry as a songwriter producer performer.

Here's a link to the daily shadowboxing. This video got my heart rate up. I immediately drank some super creatine. I'm about to flex in my room for about a half hour. I believe in calisthenics. Getting fit in 2020 is what it's about! It's not about views. It's about sculpting a winning character all around.

Follow me if you're a winner!



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