Wind Blowing lightly...

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There's a new wind blowing
All the green shoots are coming back
It's such a relief to know that the forest of my hope is coming
But the question is the forest that's behind me?

I never knew such beauty could exist
The happiness I'm feeling I could never handle it
I've been missing it so long my whole life
I just can't help but be enraptured by it…

It's been just a little too long
I've been trying to keep up every day
You're on your way to success and still unsure
If you're getting in your own way…

It's been hard and long
You've been working hard for everything you want to accomplish
You know you're working too hard, but you just can't stop yourself
If and only if everything is worth all your efforts…

Nothing is permanent
To accomplish
Everything you want
Beauty could exist


Here is Tikatarot, who dares you to answer the question, “Who am I?”..

As and will always be reminding you to dream:

“As you are still the Master of your own destiny and the maker of your own dreams…”

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