Truthful Destiny...

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Forget all my struggles thru pain, I won't have regrets
It's time to keep the move, no more looking back
Leave all my fears behind, they'll stay in the past no matter what
My life's an adventure, no way to turn it back…

And take me away, to a place where passion reigns
Where I'm free to love whatever I desire
Living each, no pressure we’ll do whatever you want
I just want to feel alive with a purpose…

I'm ready for something different, to make this life all mine
I'm ready to break from the chains and find out what's inside this mysterious endeavor
Because I can't keep living like this, it's not the life I dreamed of…
Never easy, but always harder than what’s expected...

Don't want to waste no more time just trying to fit in
I want to just stand up and be free, take control of my life again
Got to take that big step and never look back again
Because I'm ready to feel alive and make my own destiny truthfully mine…

Yours to look back
Truthfully mine
Break from Destiny
Take control


Here is Tikatarot, who dares you to answer the question, “Who am I?”..

As and will always be reminding you to dream:

“As you are still the Master of your own destiny and the maker of your own dreams…”

tikatarot sign.png


Nice lines, I like it

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