The rest is not enough...

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I'm looking out at the stars tonight
Looking out at the dark and the moon
Watching life go by and sometimes I wonder
Why do the colors seem so brighter but never seemed clearer…

If you are feeling like the world is giving you slack
Even if you can share your effort with someone else
If you feel like you're dragging your heels and giving up hope
Just give the best you can where the rest is enough

To make you feel better and happy about the things you do, and the things you can offer
I'm giving the best I can where the rest is not enough
I'm giving the best I can where it's not enough to make you feel better
But you're always finding something perfect to share…

I've been trying to live up to my potential
But I know that's not enough, it will never be enough
I need to give my best, more than the best can give
When the best is needed, I can't hold anything back anymore…

The best to give
Hold on to share
Keep the faith
Something perfect to share


Here is Tikatarot, who dares you to answer the question, “Who am I?”..

As and will always be reminding you to dream:

“As you are still the Master of your own destiny and the maker of your own dreams…”

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