More of you to bear...

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I'm tired of living in the past
I'm tired of living in the present
I want to live in the future
That's waiting for me to see…

But I know it won't be easy
It's going to take time to teach you
And that's time by it is well spent
What are the chances to become what you want?

I bet you didn't think that I wouldn’t be here
And I'm not saying that I won't take the blame
But no one will ever want to miss this chance
I was lonely once, in this dark and cold world
In the end, I had nowhere to go…

But now I can feel the light and life is on the way
It's going to be strong and alright
I hope I'll make it through this year, months, and days
I'm just trying to live my life one day at a time…

Once in a lifetime, That's what they say
What are the chances to find that something’s waiting for you?
What are the chances to find that somewhere waiting for you to see?
What are the chances to find that someone's always waiting for you to feel?

Finding to feel
Chance to take
Hope to bear
Becoming more of you


Here is Tikatarot, who dares you to answer the question, “Who am I?”..

As and will always be reminding you to dream:

“As you are still the Master of your own destiny and the maker of your own dreams…”

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