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is it that bad. auwtch

most people dont care they just want to live their life and not think about these kinds of stuff. the problem is when the wave comes everybody will try to survive and we dont know how many boats there will be ready.

i like the pic and the message you carry

debt will crush :(

very well explained @davidp sir, the pictures tells the whole story.

Gonna happen soon!

I like it!

I think it is pretty much about whole US, and most EU countries

yep undeniable truth happen soon.

Well that is what is going to happen
We are already treading in deep waters and this huge debt that is mounting up will never be repayable.
All it will do is cause inflation and strain and drain the taxpayer @davidp

Impressive! Yesterday we also had a small flood in Jurmala. But small is :)

Still seems a little out of proportion. The waves should have been 10 times as big ;)