No UFO’s and Other Interesting Rules in LiShui, (丽水)China. Travel and Life in China.

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I recently was sent to work here for a while, against my will but since the company was paying, I figured a free trip to see the lesser seen parts of China.

As some of you know I live in Dalian, China. It’s a northeastern city near North Korea. I like it there because it’s not as hot as southern China and I do love winter. LiShui is hot and warm all year so I hesitated.

And WOW, it’s been weeks since I last wrote a post on Steemit. I’ve too busy to get the chance.

It was an almost 3.5 hours flight and a 2.5 hours bus ride to get here. It’s quite the trip for me, but I’m loving every minute. So far the people and culture are quite different than that of Dalian. I’m very happy I made it here, and I might stay longer than expected. It is much hotter than I am used to, though Dalian’s heat wave in August has got me accustomed to it.

After work I took a walk around the neighbourhood I am living in. There is a wide slow moving river that seems to stretch on forever. Surrounded by hills and mountains, and several waterfalls I saw while coming here on the bus. Shui (水), sound like ‘shoe eh’ it means water. Any country that you decide to live in, learning the word for water should be a top priority. Li (丽), sounds like ‘lee’ directly translates to Korea but when combined with Shui it’s just the name of this city. LiShui is nowhere near Korea. That was a ramble. Lol

Anyways, I took a walk as the sun was setting and found a pathway with some interesting rules for public order. Like, No UFO’s allowed. I couldn’t help but laugh a little, as I wondered how will I get home.

Good to know public displays of affection are still allowed, and so is pitching a tent. I mean those go hand in hand often enough.

The sights are beautiful. First thing I noticed was the cars slowing down and stopping for pedestrians. Compared to Dalian where the drivers will literally run you off the road, without even looking back. With people crossing the street during red lights and then complaining about traffic jams. The people here are quite friendly here so far and a lot less chaos. Dalian has over 6.5 million people and LiShui has roughly 2.5 million but feels so much smaller. Though I have yet to really discover this place and all it has to offer. I’m really looking forward to it.

(A bit foggy today, yes, fog not smog.)

(A UFO probably put this boat here a century ago)

(A traditional looking building hiding a small power generation plant, smart)

Always take the path less taken.

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I'm gonna guess they mean drones?


yes, that's what they mean but why not use a photo of a drone. lol


Some joker, gotta be hoping his boss appreciates his humor.

LiShui seems a very peaceful and beautiful place. No wonder the people there are friendly, sometimes, the environment can affect the people's mood. Glad you're enjoying your stay there.
Just wondering what will happen if the authorities spotted any UFOs around?