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Having been removed from a school or similar setting a long time ago, I had no idea I would witness what I did over the last couple of days. Let me explain.
So my travel plan shifted gears a bit and I found myself having to settle for a hostel. Ok. I'll live. It was a mixed dorm of 14 beds. The first night it was barely half occupied.
Some occupants were just out of school, but our headache was almost a decade past that age. He was also American.
He was actually lecturing a lady who just lay in bed all day and spoke to no-one. Surely she was another oddity, but who knows what she was going through. "You should come go out with me, you've paid money to be here, it's a party town, I've been where you are and thinking I didn't want to go out, but when I did I felt great, I know where you're coming from, if you need to talk I'm here, I'll give you your space now." Blah blah blah. STFU already. It actually made me angry that he droned on like that at her.
He proceeded to ask everyone he came across whether they'd go out with him that night and checked back on them like a good old cling. I steered clear and decided not to post about this in case I added anyone from the hostel on Stasibook. Truly obnoxious, had to AHEM him to lower his volume when he came back from his pathetic clubbing at 3 am.
Less than 36 hours later he was roaring drunk because it was his birthday (why would anyone celebrate their birthday alone, in a foreign country?) and claiming that some cruise company and taxi service had ripped him off. He had the hostel manager dial his father's home number so he could tell his father, as it was his birthday, that he loved him and that he would be his insurance. His father on the other end was probably in WTF mode. Some insurance. Obviously we don't know the background story.
Alcohol gets a bad rep but that's because people don't use it with the correct intentions. The best Persian poetry was probably written under the influence of wine and/or hemp. There's a reason the Greeks and Romans revered it. Sure, there were the Bacchanalia. That's beside the point.
Anyway. I think most would agree it's sad for anyone to be so patronizing of another and then go off to do trashy things like that. Help yourself first before you deign holding out a hand to another.
Anyway. This was a rant for a card. A harmless fool, but an embarrassment to himself nevertheless.
Card: knowing thyself.

Love and laughs,
Cards Against Anarchy

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