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Looks like there are more and more membership subscription that are now in the STEEM ecosystem being set up. Here's a tier based one that I'll be writing about and promoting in this post. So if you're a fan of membership subscription I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that there is another community that'll be helping you along your STEEM journey.


Thundercurator is a tier based upvoting membership that goes up to 13 tiers covering low SP delegation as well as bigger ones. All you have to do is:

  1. Send a ONE TIME membership fee of 2 STEEM to @thundercurator with "registration" in the memo.

  2. Use Steemauto to FOLLOW them on curating their posts. Use steemauto to auto vote their posts.

  3. Delegate SP to @thundercurator. You can have more details on the various tiers and see which one is suitable for you HERE.

  4. Use #thundercurator as one of your tags for the post you are creating.

Here's also an image for you to check out to have a better idea on the various tiers of @thundercurator and it's benefits.


I highly recommend tier memberships such as @thundercurator, especially for minnows because, with an SP lower than around 90 SP you don't even have an upvote worth $0.01, and if that post does not get over $0.02 of total upvotes, it becomes dust and it goes back to the rewards pool (as of HF20).

A user with 90 SP could delegate 50 SP to @thundercurator and receive up to $0.04 upvotes daily which gets you an amount of payout. Although it'll be a small sum it's better than 0.

I wished something like what Thundercurator is existed when I started STEEMit because it would've maximized my SP usage. Sooo... it's good news for everyone now that there is such a thing and you can get the most from what SP you have.


If you'd like more details as well as any questions you have, head down to their Discord group:
Thundercurator Discord

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Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to write about us! We hope to see you as one of our members soon!

It's important to note that users must use Steemauto to autovote our posts, not follow our curation trail. Other then that you hit the nail on the head!


Oh I thought I wrote that.. haha.. miscomm. I'll get it edited


No worries!! It can be a little confusing on steemauto! Here's those links you were wondering about as well!

Thank you for your delegation!
50 SP --- 100 SP --- 200 SP --- 500 SP --- 1000 SP

We can't wait to support you!


Ok thanks so much. How bout the 400 SP link, is there one for that?


Thank you for reminding me! I made a new list!

Thank you for your delegation!
Tier 1 - 50 SP --- Tier 2 - 100 SP --- Tier 3 - 200 SP
Tier 4 - 300 SP --- Tier 5 - 400 SP --- Tier 6 - 500 SP
Tier 7 - 750 SP --- Tier 8 - 1000 SP --- Tier 9 - 1500 SP
Tier 10 - 2000 SP --- Tier 11 - 2500 SP --- Tier 12 - 5000 SP
We can't wait to support you!

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