Weather Photography / 2018 year of the Thunder my TOP 3 photos

in thunder •  2 years ago  (edited)

Quick story
As you probably noticed, this year is eu is crazy with storms,thunder and
floods. Horror for the community, paradise for storm hunters.
So here are my TOP 3 photos.

Nr#1 Sony A6000

Nr.2 GoPro5

Nr.3 GoPro

See the forecast from my phone.
Photo was taken just a few second ago, Unbelievable

What is your favorite photo, let me know in the comment section.

Yes, you can use my photos and if you need any help, don't be shy, just contact me.

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Wow! Your work is GREAT @marjanko !! I love the 1st image, very beautiful! Upped and followed!

Thanks, for your time to see the photo and I am humbled that you like them... love to see more of you photos in the future.🔥🤘🤘

Same to you! (: Do you do post processing ?

Yes. I shot in raw. then edeting in aurora pro or photoshop sometimes lightroom.

Awesome, if you use Ps I recommend making a logo for the end of your post like a call to action.

good idea. Thanks I will take my time and create something

I usually make a new one for each post myself

Even better🍀👍

Awesome Work!

I've verified that your photography is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

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All three photos are great, but I especially loved the first one, with all its colors and various shades. Following :-)

Thank you so much 🍀🔥

Your photos are amazing!! I love weather shots, especially dark skies, lightning.

Have you heard of @photofeed? A group of photographers supporting other photographers on Steemit. If I were you, I'd also use the tag #photofeed so we can see your photos under that tag - I think it will help bring you more traffic.


Then you will like my profile ( love storm photography)
Tnx for the info about photofeed!