@deancorwin this guy hates women, and harassed my gf on here... then when i told him to stop, he started slandering me calling me a rapist, please come view mine and hers page and see what i mean, and feel free to help us flag him and make his account so far in the negative that his comments dont even show up anywhere anymore

i do not have to prove you and your wife Raped me , you have to prove you didnt .
Hard to prove when you and your wife RAPED me

You will soon have charges, and a lawsuit on your hands, aswell as your profile here wont work anymore. you should use 2 braincells, which clearly im starting to debate if you even have that many...... and stop harassing us.

Your just some single lonely middle aged man that cant get laid. and hates women and starts making up lies trying to slander other people when they ask you to stop because you live a absolutely pathetic and meaningless existance, find a large building, and jump off the top of it into moving traffic and do this world a favor.

Your mother should have done this world a favor and had a abortion even if it was with a coat hanger in a second rate motel or behind a dumpster :)

Thats not how law works in canada buddy, Also i can prove my where abouts at all times thanks to this handy dandy thing called a cellphone with gps. and i know we live thousands of miles apart so good luck, Also i have all the screenshots to prove you started making this up. AFTER you degraded her, And i asked you to stop. You have serious mental problems and should seek help for them. Also move out of your mothers basement,,,,,, maybe ull hate women less then.

Ive already contacted a admin to request a file be made about your slander, by morning the rcmp will be contacted and you will be served. Dont matter where you live, even if its florida

canadian-vixen and you are violent Pedo rapists

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you and your girl friend raped me .
you are a Rapist

in Canada you Raped me because i accused you
your a rapist
your girlfriend is also a Rapist because i accused you of Rape
Listen and believe !
Disgusting Rapists

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