Throw back Thursday - Fun With Gee1

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Yaay, so today is throw back thursday by @gee1 and here is my throw back picture for today.


I just stumbled on this picture while going through my gallery this morning and it almost brought tears to my eyes.

Well, like @gee1 would say....

There's always a story behind every picture....

Here's me....only a year ago.


I love this picture so much that I almost didn't want to take it off my whatsapp display picture.

I was completely down as at the time I took this picture

Hurt and broken.....

But then, life moves on, even though shit happens....

A friend, who knew I was down had asked me to cheer up and take a picture to show that I was actually happy.

And so I mustered all the strength I had and gave the biggest smile I could....


So, that's it on my throw back entry.

Let's do some throwing back....
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The sweet thing about a smile is people hardly get to know if we cried before the smile.

Thanks for participating in #throwbackthursday and congratulations you will be getting a freebie exactly a week from today.


Yeah, exact
They hardly know....

Thank you very much ma'am
Expecting my freebie

For a smile coming from a broken heart, you're strong and beautiful. Congratulations!

Keep smiling and keep steeming 😀