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John J.Nance, a former Air France pilot born in 1943, mainly writes books about airplanes and general air traffic. As an international security expert and ex-pilot, he is virtually predestined to write books on aircraft and air traffic.

Contents of the book - "The Medusa Project":

A thermonuclear bomb is discovered by the crew in a cargo plane on the flight to Denver, full of horror they discover, should it explode, mankind would be bombed back to the Stone Age. This bomb would paralyze anything with electronics, computer chips etc. with the so-called EMP waves. Hospitals, banks themselves nuclear power stations would be affected, chaos without end would break out, and even national security would be threatened.


Crew found out this bomb's gonna go off in three and a half hours, and they're working feverishly to defuse it. The race against time threatens to become a fiasco, because the minutes pass by faster and faster, without any chance of success.

I read the book with great interest and can only recommend it to others. The author describes the course of action in a very realistic and gripping way.

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