Book presentation "The Lodge" - A highly explosive thriller by Daniel Silva

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Crux Vera is the name of an organization in the Vatican that is not publicly known. Leading church princes and powerful politicians are represented in this secret organization. They make plans to eliminate the Pope, who with his modern views, stands in the way of their conservative intentions.


Now, however, the Israeli secret agent Gabriel Allon intervenes in the events. With a highly explosive document in his pocket, he travels to Rome to protect the Pope from this conspiracy. But the people behind Crux Vera found out about it and put a killer on him. The killer is known under the name "The Leopard", which Gabriel Allon met in earlier times.

I liked the book very much, especially the statements about what is theoretically possible in church and politics. What truth or fantasy is, each reader must decide for himself. In any case, I can only recommend the book.


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