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Patrick Robinson was born on 21 January 1940 in Kent, England. He began to write with numerous non-fiction books about seafaring. With his first submarine thriller "Nimitz Class" he made a direct breakthrough as an extremely successful novelist. Many more submarine thrillers followed, and gave him great international recognition.

His thriller "Bis zum bitteren Tod" is about his main protagonist Admiral Morgan against his arch-enemy Ravi Rashud. Admiral Morgan has the residence of his arch enemy Ravi Rashud, former major of the SAS , wiped out completely, while Rashud and his wife Shakira barely escape death. Now begins a merciless hunt for half the world.

Terrorist Ravi Rashud's operational base is an Iranian submarine of the Kilo class.


Rsahud was already involved in a bomb attack in Boston and now a Boeing 737 flies towards the Capitol to lay it in rubble. Admiral Morgan, former advisor to the president, still with a lot of influence, orders the Boeing to shoot, but to keep it secret from the population.

The two archenemies are constantly heading for a furious finale, which is only about destroying the other one. It is a cat and mouse game without rules, but such perfidious means are used, and only one will survive.

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