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Hello and Good Evening Steemains,

I was in middle of creating wordpress blog website and wanted to connect @steempress, new newly launched wordpress plugin
While doing so, it asked me to help it translate to Marathi (my mother tongue and regional here here in state of Maharashtra).

There is a complete or entire list of languages where they might need translation service for their @steempress plugin on wordpress portal.
I already started to contribute language translation to languages I know including my mother tongue.

I request you to please make this contribution as much as need and as much as possible. Please find the URL for steempress wordpress plugin mentioned below

steempress wordpress plugin:

Look for following text in Green background
(This plugin is not translated into "your-regional-language" yet. Help translate it!) - click on "Help translate it!" link and it will take you to the document that requires translation. Select the document follow instruction as mentioned on wordpress website to initiate the translation.

  1. Why am I asking you to do this ??? What is my Motive or Aim??
    There is no personal motive, all I want is to connect as many people to @steem and increase our presence and attract more content creators, curators, developers, enthusiast and students as well to @steemit, @threespeak and other flavours of Steem ecosystem.

  2. What is gonna be the outcome of this???
    I believe, whenever any software, document, video/audio or any medium when conveyed through regional language will attract more crowd and it makes new comes to feel comfortable to make easy and quick signup. That's All !!! Yes, That's All.

Those who are interested in making this contribution are most welcome, it is also a good practice for improving language skills. Should you have any suggestions and comments, please share it me and I will try my best to get back to you.

Many Thank

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