Help Name 20 Newly Discovered Moons of Saturn

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Hi Steemians,

A team led and assembled by Carnegie Institute of Science's (Washington DC) - Scott Sander Sheppard has found 20 new fresh set of moons orbiting planet Saturn. This brings the ringed planet’s total range of moons to 82, surpassing planet Jupiter, that has 79. The news was declared a week ago by the International Astronomical Union’s planet Center.

Each of the new discovered moons has the diameter of 5 kilometer. Seventeen of them orbit the Saturn backwards i.e. retrograde direction (means their movement is opposite of the planet's rotation around its axis). The remaining three moons orbit within the prograde (the same direction as Saturn rotates).

Scott S.Shephard (Carnegie Institute of Science, Washington DC) - Profile

How to Participate into the Contest of Naming these 20 newly found Moons.

Many Thanks

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@wayo Thank you for posting the links. This really is once in a lifetime opportunity. Must appreciate their openness towards letting people participate in naming those newly found Moons. If I am not wrong then, in the month of July 2019, professor Scott Shephard also found, 5 moons in addition to these 20 moons.

Definitely it is worth trying. Earlier to this, there was contest to send your names to mars. Now its over, here is the link,

Here are some names (endanger values we are killing):
Hope, Freedom, Paz, Milagro, Esperanza, Libertad, Amistad, Joy, Balance, Tolerance, Respeto, Luz, Sonrisa, Infancia, Amorosa, Sinceridad, Honesty,

You can click the link and follow the instructions to participate into the contest of naming the newly found moons.

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Hey thanks Dude,
I always wanted to name celestial body, something precious name like "Cian".

It is so Irish name, Cian, Aoife, Sean, Sheamus these are all Irish names ??? aren't they ??? I know I been to dublin Dublin for a while. You are welcome tho ... .