Starship for Private Space Travel 2020

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Hello Everyone,

This is @wayo here.
Yesterday i.e. Sept 28th 2019, on the occasion of 11th anniversary of Spacex's first orbital launch of Falcon 1, Elon Musk unveiled the Starship and and its Super Heavy Booster.

Elon Musk mentioned the opportunities for Private Space Tourism to reach Moon, Mars and Beyond. This Starship could carry upto 100 passengers or astronauts, bit unclear here if he meant to do this in his first mission or anything else.

The Japanese Entrepreneur Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, SpaceX's intended first private space tourist will be flying in this Starship. Elon musk also mentioned, Starship was fastest path to a self-sustaining city on Mars.

Thank you

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not yet i have not fly any aircraft but i feel one-day i will take interest on aircraft. You are lucky to journey over it.

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@wayo, In my opinion Elon Musk is Time Traveller or something like that who is here to speed up the process of reaching Mars and for that creating effective way. But one thing can be guessed and that is, Elites will going to put their steps on Mars. Stay blessed.