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It's been a few days since #NewSteem is in effect now. I think .... I'm going to need at least a week more or two to really make up my mind about it. I've had some thoughts and reflections about it, now (there were two interesting and thoughtful opinions in my latest post, if you're curious), but in general, I sympathize both with the Curation side of things and with the Content Creator side, too (since I'm both, surprise surprise? XD;;;;;;)

First off, THANK YOU for everyone for being so patient and accommodating throughout the hiccups. It has been SUPER nice to re-discover the people who continue to be eager to create contents despite the turbulent times :) And secondly, thank you, also, to the people working hard behind the scenes <333333333333333

I'll return in a few posts' times, with more of my feedback about #NewSteem, for sure :D But for now, a new 3Speak video, so I can really experience the most out of my first paid subscription month with the interface :)

Just to get the obvious out of the way: I'm not completely sure if I will resubscribe to the monthly fees of being able to create contents through 3Speak. Here's some pluses and minuses:


  • Monthly fee of around 20 Steems per month
  • Beneficiary cuts at 10% per post
  • There was once that I had to wait 28 hours or so to get a post encoded and published > __ <


  • Really simple to use! Easy to create contents with and upload your videos to <3
  • Rewarding engagements with upvotes given to replies commented to your posts within 12 hours' window
  • Chance of getting 3Speak upvotes (and as in my last post, even getting Dan's attention and upvote :O)
  • the team behind 3 speak seems to be good people * ___ *


  • likwid payments: I didn't know what likwid was until I was receiving payouts for my 3speak posts (if you are also not in the knowing of things, likwid apparently pays your earnings out to you as liquid steems, read: there is NO steem power component. Just so we are clear: You won't need 13 weeks to power down your staked 50% of your earnings. And in my case: kind of useless since i never, EVER power down).


There you go, a bit of my honest reflections (thus far) about my experience with 3speak~ I guess, all in all, it's been more positive than negative (so far) and that I'm enjoying VERY MUCH about how I can have the chance to give the people that engage with my contents the opportunity to earn a bit more just by commenting on my 3speak posts :)

For today's piccar, I wanna convey my general feelings about #NewSteem :D

Here is the finished piccar - I'm calling it ... "Bring it on!" :D

I didn't use the watercolour tool for today's picture. This is entirely the Tilted Pencil brush from beginning to finish, but to continue with my previous piece, I've broadened away from just using black. This one is done in reddish colours :D


  • From the #gaming side, @archdruid's winners announcement HAS BEEN published ! I've resteemed the post, but just in case you've missed it, please check out the entries and the awesome winners: HERE :D :D :D

Thank you my friends who've helped make (and kept) #Gaming a wonderful community (and tag) on Steemit :D !!!! You're all amazeballs * ___ *

I am now writing the draft for the next (and final) round in this theme, which is video games in the decade of 2010 - UP TO THE PRESENT :D Since it will be the last iteration in this theme, the prize pool will be embiggened (yes, I made up a word) !!!! So I hope if you're ever interested to join @archdruid's contest, to stay tuned and consider joining this one, because you will get a good chance in winning liquid steems :D

(PS. a lot of people and curators are also paying attention to these contests, and there's always one, two, or a few entries that have been picked up by Curie or OCD curators in the past :D! Not guaranteeing anything, just pointing out a historical fact :D)

Come on, people \o/

That's it for this post :D I do try to keep these things as short as possible, but just before I let you all go, please send your best wishes to @veta-less if you can... Read this post and you'll see that she is in need of all of your good energies :)

Thank you, friends <3

Artists’ Highlights with C2

On another note, please check out this article that I wrote for the @c-squared’s Artists’ Highlights a few days ago :) Please check it out! I am featuring TWO artists at a time, and the eighth pair is: @armandosodano and @shibasaki :D


Issue 1: @Arrr and @thilah
Issue 2: @EdgarUVM and @Zsolt.Vidak
Issue 3: @chrisdyer and @sanderjansenart
Issue 4: @elenasteem and @patschwork
Issue 5: @nyarlathotep and @carlgnash
Issue 6: @mikkolyytinen and @nekromarinist
Issue 7: @azbeen and @barbara-orenya
Issue 8: @rachelsvparry and @jankasparec
Issue 9: @armandosodano and @shibasaki

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To all of you artists out here at Steemit! Hello~ If you ever are lost and lonesome, please join Steem Artists at our discord chat:

We network with fellow artists here on Steemit and we help each other succeed :) Come and say hi~ ^ __ ^

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I'm so glad we get to see more of your art. Upvoted and resteemed.

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Thank you Jaundre :)

Always, Lise.

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3Speak sounds interesting, I think I will suggest this to Rambutan, and then we will test it.

And I like the reddish color, I think it supports sketch-like drawings better than black.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes! Rambu.tan~ She should give it a go :D And share with us her experiences, as well!

Thank you for the kind comments, too <3

I like how upbeat and positive she looks here. I'm not sure about the future of Steem but this hardfork seems to have made some positive changes around here, and that's good, though I'm not sure if that is worth it for many authors who are receiving less payouts from here on. I hope the result will be a net positive and when Steem has a better culture, there will be more reasons for people to be happy, to share and care for each other.

Yep yep

Let's hope that in the long term, the net results would be positive :)

Thank you, @scrawly~

It is always so fun to watch your videos. I do love seeing the drawings come to life. I am trying to stay positive and I am seeing good things with the curation, but I so have to figure out the process again.

Look forward to hearing more and seeing more of your art come to life.


jesusmedit likes this. nobody makes the female figure as perfect as you

Aaah, thanks so much. Very kind comments!

1 !BEER Token for you

Are you switching back to dtube? Or something else? Spent all afternoon yesterday trying to upload a video but it kept failing 🤦🏻‍♂️

Posted using Partiko iOS

No, I am not switching back to Dtube :> Dtube's fine but somehow I keep getting errors when I try to upload my stuff over there, so I'm using 3speak now :)

It's here: if you wanna try it out, but it isn't free. You gotta pay 20 Steems a month to be able to upload through there.

yeaaah I saw, but the monthly rate is what gets me. Haha dtube dooooes give me lots of errors, but at least it keeps working lol

Do you do discord, at all, @eyedrip?

Or, maybe do you have an account at Instagram or Twitter or reddit?

i wanna give you tips on how to steemit~

I used to back when I first started this. I can jump back on, if it's easier?
Otherwise Insta is the best - same handle.
Much appreciated :]

cool! found you, and following now at IG :)

will DM you stuff later when im back on mobile. it's hard to IG from the desktop > __ <

Try Vimeo! ( Signing up is free. With Vimeo Basic you can upload 500MB per week (25GB for one year) and there are no ads, banners, and other garbage. Their tech simply works. To see it in action, check my latest, here: (don't upvote - expired!)

This video is 720p HD @ 5 min. / 141MB. So I could do roundabout 3 of those per week with the free plan. Caveat: My subscription player is customized as a Steemit exclusive embed. The standard player also embeds flawlessly, but has a logo which, when clicked, takes people to your Vimeo channel.

Good luck.


Yep! That's the same pose XD

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

The work looks more like you used a felt tip pen but you actually used Tilted pencil brush like you said. Looks nice.

Posted using Partiko Android

It is my favourite brush at Krita :D

Thank you~

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And you are absolutely right. The quantity of posts from the authors I follow is less :( But, I do hope the situation will improve soon. Some of us just need a time to make a new strateg, and understand how it all works. I stil don't know the all difference in #newsteem except downvoting pool :D

Yeah, seems like there are less authors making posts, but maybe everyone's just kinda waiting to see the dust settling...

I also am just trying to get up to speed with #newsteem and all that jazz XD

Moreover, it looks like it is authors with small post payouts who gave up or took a break. Hope they will not give up at all. Sometimes I am also.... close to that state ) The only thing is still attractive here is my new Steemit friends

wonderfull art @veryspider i reesteem this post

Thanks, Andrea :)

That was soothing to me. Thank you!

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Thank you :D !!!

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This drawing look so nice! I like this friendly smile that makes me smile too :)

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Thank you,! Such a nice comment, I appreciate it :D :D :D

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Such a lovely lady who looks so carefree ~ Maybe because it was getting so close to the weekend when she was born?

I didn't realize there was a 20 steem monthly subscription for 3speak, but I can see the advantages if you are making regular videos ~ Which I've been thinking of doing again with my new work.

Thanks for all the info you gave me about working with KRITA Spider ~ I don't have a tablet ~ Maybe one day I'll get one as I love some of the work I see on DADA too. For now, I'll focus on drawing on paper and probably make videos from the stills using Filmora. A bit labour intensive though, so it may not happen. I hope you have a carefree weekend now. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Hahah yeah, probably being close to weekends affect moods positively! For sure ! XD

You should totally try 3speak :D They are easy to use and they reward the people that we engage with :D I like that very much~

Hope you had a nice weekend, too, Ally !

Bring it on for sure! XD

Glad you're generally positive about it along with the newsteem character ;D

Yeah! I think it's usually better to go into changes with a positive attitude :D That way, if and when things do not work, you know that you tried your best :D

Hello @veryspider! I am back from my self-imposed exile - I am glad to see you're still here and creating wonderful drawings for us :)

Welcome back, Cogi :D Hope you are feeling better :D

Looking forward to seeing your new articles, for sure :D !!!

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Great work!

Thanks, @sweettais ! :)

I believe we still need actually a month for it to settle since the hardfork take place to look at how it is been done

Yeah, you're probably right ! I'd like to see how the dust would have settled in a month's time, for sure :)

What is the 20 steem a week fee you disk of? That confused me a bit..

As for the art, I love it!!!!

Posted using Partiko Android

To be able to post from 3speak's front end, they ask for 20 steems monthly subscription fee~

And thank youuuuu~

Nice to see your process ( in a video ) and interesting to hear your view on 3speak. I do not necessarily intend to use it, as I keep feeling like I'm somewhere in between an artist and an allround creative, someone who feels like supporting fellow creative/ artists more than he's creating. Times are a-changing though. Now trying my hands on game making ( more about that in my latest post )

A big hug from The Netherlands! :>)

Yeah, I can understand! I'm also thinking that I might not continue subscribing through to 3Speak because .... um, creating videos is kinda taxing and takes a lot of time and effort, hahaha....

Wow, game making! That sounds really exciting! :D

Big hug from Australia <333333

@veryspider I don't have 3Speak my dear friend and that brushed drawing certainly looks great.

@papilloncharity 3Speak is just a service, it's like Dtube :)

Thank you!

@veryspider Thank you and I will have a look at 3Speak.

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