I'm Not Relenting: More Referrals for Steem, 3Speak || Introducing a Film Company to 3Speak

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I'll ensure that I live up to the commitment I promised concerning steem blockchain. With my recent engagement with the 3speak.online platform, I will see to it that I help related Startups and companies here in southern Nigeria to leverage the blockchain for their activities.

In this video, i hosted the Production manager and Executive Producer of @ttsproductions,a film making company domiciled on Uyo, Nigeria.

I heard their lament over a low payout on their YouTube videos and o had to tell them about the awesomeness of Steem.

@Ttsproductions has successfully paid for their subscription and I wish them well on their steem sourjoun. In few weeks, they will make a huge investment here.

I'll ensure that more value will be added to Steem.

Please subscribe to my 3speak channel for more inspiring videos

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Welcome to 3speak/Steem, Ttsproductions!

Thanks Dan for your encouragement. I'll engage more related organisations with typical use cases for 3speak to join us.

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We're sure glad to be here

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Thank you @uyobong You are a good sales representative we sure do hope to have a very interesting working partnership on the steem block chain.
We promise to make our stay worth while

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I won't do less especially as I have grown on Steem blockchain within this months of my stay.

Steem is a blockchain for entrepreneurs and creative people like you. We want to take your eyes away from the government.

Build your film career around Steem and you won't regret.

This is a great step and in the right direction for @ttsproductions and the Steem blockchain. I hope they will give in their best in terms of quality so to be able to draw value from steem as well.

Bravo for this intermediary services you provide.

Yes glotokens. You said it right. I'll keep being a Steem ambassador because I believe in the potentials if this blockchain of creativity.

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That's great that you are inviting more and more people to steem. Be careful of what cebuladeals wrote, that could be a fishi website that steal your password. I flagged him to push him down in the comments. I hope you didn't click there and make sure to warn all those who you are inviting to not click all the links here.

Thanks for the encouraging words. As for Cebuladeals, I know it's a wrong account. Thanks for always being around

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Congratulations @uyobong!
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Wow nice to know

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You're welcome @ttsproductions

BTW, feel free to support back and vote for me as a witness

I'm learning a lot here... Great Works.. i believe again!!!!

Please do and contribute your quota to rh growth here

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Welcome to 3speak👋

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We are glad

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Great job. Cheers:))

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Thank you

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Welcome to 3speak. Hope you can find your journey here @uyobong

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