Let's have STEEMFEST (ebook) Proceedings on Amazon, other bookstores || I would Purchase with BTC, ETH or STEEM

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The new culture of Steem with #newsteem promotes quality content and the world need to read these contents.

Information rules the world and is a lead factor for development. This is why I keep advocating for how steem contents can get to libraries, bookstores and the academic Community.

When we are able to make researchers to see steem blockchain as a one-stop platform for genuine and quality information, then we will have more traffic to this blockchain.

Concerning STEEMFEST4, I am of the opinion that there should be an ebook format of the proceedings of the conference which could be hosted on Amazon and other bookstores online to be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Steem.

Infact a step further can be made to chip hardcopies to those who would pay for it.

I am foreseeing researchers begin to write about Steem and cite steemfest articles in academic papers. This would create more relevance for the platform.

Besides, transcribing the videos of the speakers during the conference will allow other steemians who will not attend to get updated with the happenings there at a reduced cost. We all know the cost of data is high to watch livestreams and videos.

I can't afford to miss the content of great speakers who will be ministering at STEEMFEST 2019.

I'm already expecting to hear the sessions by @Anarcotech, @Surpassinggoogle and others.

Meanwhile, I trust that the @threespeak team are making plans to Livestream sessions of the conference. Promotion of this should begin to get the audience ready.

Listen to the video and share your thoughts in the comments section.

A big thanks to @Roleandp for the much he is putting in to make steemfest4 successful. Hugs to all Sponsors.

Meanwhile, I pray for a safe journey to all steemians attending steemfest4. May Bangkok, Thailand favour you all.

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Thanks for sharing this update on the upcoming STEEMFEST, I and my children will join other steemians to enjoy the life streaming events here on 3Speak.