I want a Straight Parade - asking questions at Gay Pride

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It was Gay Pride weekend in Manchester, a time when 'sexual and gender equality' is celebrated. So I popped down to ask if anyone would support having a Straight Pride Parade in the city, because I thought it was a bit oppressive that every sexual preference except straight gets a parade in the UK.

With special guest interviewer!!!

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Suggesting that we should have “straight pride” parades doesn’t make you seem like the free-thinking, equality-driven person you think it does, it just shows you miss the entire point of pride altogether. Congratulations, your useless suggestion got shot down by your local LGBT community just like all of the other times “straight pride” gets brought up!

It absolutely makes sense, in times where homosexuality
is more promoted (including the gender agenda) than family
protection, and protection of the children and the classic family
construct of one real man and one real woman, which by the way
is the only way humanity can evolve. Yes it absolutely makes sense
to make a straight and #familyprotection parade... but i wouldn't ask
gay people about it.
Just do it.

Having pride in your sexuality as your only cultural identity is pathetic. Which is what gay pride parades are seemingly all about. Which is also why there is resistance against a straight pride parade. Which could be held without all the degeneracy and pseudo-culture of gay pride parades.

LGBT individuals are from all sorts of backgrounds and have all sorts of useful skills. Why do gay pride parades mainly concentrate on sex? Think about why that is.

I think you really don't get it. There are gay pride parades because there are still so many homophobes around the world and, thus, also still a lot of gay people which didn't leave the closest way out of the fear what their relative and friends might think. So, to help these people to come out of the closet and finally assume and show who they are there are gay pride parades, to show these people there is nothing wrong with them.

Now, there is no one who is afraid to assume his heterosexuality, and there is no one being suppressed or even killed for it either, thus there is no reason for it.

Not to mention all the religions that still promote hatred of homosexual people. At least some people here see how offensive this “video” is.

Whatever you tell yourself.

These are the stereotype arguments from 15-20 years ago.
In most big cities of the world gay people can and should live
peaceful with their freedom to do whatever they want to do...
behind closed doors, like every other sane human.
Another reality 2015-2019... an italian friend of mine who lived
in Berlin-Schöneberg told me how on CSD, 2 gay men were
having sex close to a kindergarden... this is where this exaggerated
urge to present the gay sexuality is going...
Man, i miss Jamaica :)

Okay, let's go through this bit per bit.
People having sex outside of their house is wrong, but it is not a gay problem, it's a people problem. Only, if you can show me any statistic which proves that this is a gay people problem we can discuss about this argument. Else, it's just a story trying to manipulate people into "look what they're doing in front of our kids, that's terrible!!!" to harness prejudice.

Then, yes, you said it correctly "people should" but unfortunately there is still an insane amount of people which doesn't think that these people should live peacefully. Especially in religious families there are still many people told and taught to suppress their feelings and you can find those kind of people in all big cities.

"It absolutely makes sense, in times where homosexuality
is more promoted (including the gender agenda) than family

This is just not right, heterosexuality is not only promoted, but by many religions even enforced onto people. The vast majority of people you see in movies, television series or the newspaper are heterosexuals. I live in the gay capital of my country, I'm heterosexual but no one ever promoted homosexuality to me and told me to try it. This does not happen. I have never heard of homosexuals trying to impose their lifestyle onto heterosexuals. The only thing they impose is being respected.

"classic family construct of one real man and one real woman, which by the way is the only way humanity can evolve."

The only way a child is made is through a biological man and a biological woman if that is what you meant. We got over 7.5 billion people on this planet. I think we could need a bunch of people who do not want children, that's actually pretty good for our ecosystem. Our cities are crowded already, even for our society that would be beneficial.

So, no, it really doesn't make any sense to have a straight people parade. That's the status quo, no one is ashamed of being straight, no one is ashamed of having kids and raising them in a heterosexual family and no one is being suppressed for being heterosexual. There is no reason whatsoever to do this.


I agree 100% with @k0wsk1 and @steevc. Since when did straight people felt bad for being straight or couldn't walk in the streets together cause they feared they would get beaten?
The LGBT community are fighting for equal right years now! Times are changing an we need to adapt.
Remember when Bitcoin used to be the cash to buy drugs guns etc? It's like we are doing a parade for free bitcoin use and some guys say "Hey, how about a Dollar parade?"

And by the way I am 100% straight. Just can't stand the hypocritism and facist behaviour.
No offense, just my point of view. I am not here to pick a fight!

I am disturbed by how many gay people want equality but are practically violently opposed of a parade celebrating another form of sexuality... A parade of happy boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, all walking down the street smiling.... Is that really offensive?? Totally ridiculous. It would be like vegans saying that meat-eaters can’t have barbecue festivals/competitions.

Equality is all about letting everybody do what they want to, like voluntarism as long as there are no victims. Great video, I had to resteem because I found the views expressed within to be interesting to say the least...

So true! Shouldn't gay people be the most tolerant..!?

There was one in Boston, but seems that equates to right-wingers. You are welcome to organise one, but what about the various military parades or the Lord Mayor's Show? There are lots of parades which are not for a particular sexual preference, but straight people can enjoy all these. Is Notting Hill Carnival straight or gay?

Gay people have been oppressed for centuries and having gained freedom they are entitled to celebrate. You have to admit they put on a better show :)

Can gay people go to your straight pride parade? Women? Why do you want to eat burgers at your parade? Is that a special straight thing?

I am straight, but I do not think we are exactly deprived of events. I do not feel any special desire to celebrate my sexuality as it is not something I have had to defend. I would like a vegetarian parade to celebrate that we do not need to be eating animals.

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Gay people and of course women, and everyone else who wanted to would certainly be able to go to such a straight pride parade.

I think the point of the video is to demonstrate how quickly people will jump to stop a straight pride parade while defending 'equity' and not seeing the irony in wanting to prevent straight people from having their own parade too.

Further, I think holding a straight pride parade is pointless, but i would defend to the death your right to hold it, as i would with a gay pride parade. This video demonstrates that most people at these parades do not agree and would instantly object such a straight pride parade. They are, therefore anti freedom, becoming the very oppressors they think they are fighting.

What a sad world we live in when people would protest against a straight pride parade. I wouldn't protest against a gay pride parade. Just live and let live, thats all i want to do

I would only protest if it was staged as as exclusive or antagonistic event as has already happened elsewhere. I think the moves by certain groups to 'claim' straightness have turned people off the idea.

I can't say I'm particularly proud of being straight. It is the default position and the easiest route through life. It was not even a choice. May as well be proud of being tall.

I tried to reply last night, but that was just as Steem went down. Trying this via palnet that may be working now.

Very well said! Maybe we could combine all these things into a "Freedom Parade" where you could celebrate whatever you want to!

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i'm not gay or straight, cause i'm a lego. can i have a none human pride?

No, you are not oppressed enough. 😜🤣

Wow..... really dude?

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LOL asking the important questions.

Just go to the shopping mall or something for dat straight pride parade xD

That was such a great day..... I believe joy was filled in the face of all gays. Thanks for such interview and video Sir!

Cool idea. nothing is offensive if all have equal treat and open thinking. Life span and life is simple just making life a life is gooder than life strict and nothing.

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No Gay And Straight isn't real! Only Ordinary Everyday Human Affection Pride Parade here

This is one those retards who think there should be a white history month. Every day is straight pride day dumb fuck, every month is white history month.

Ahah that comedy but wtf not.

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Good to see the old free thinking bug get passed around the globe.

Gay Pride huh?, i don't think it's very proud to practice perverted and unnatural sex, these perverts should be ashamed of themselves.

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Personal Opinion all person disagree on straight had/have attitude of being strong and disagree on having fun and a pride to being a model of a good person straight fun. not that all person like pain and being strong from real definition of being straight gender. more serious you are the more sadder your life. celebrating depends on action and meaning of the celebration if the intention of others are being fun means all is for fun . Making fun times wasting time to become more pridly on being straight and see as fun is more equal meaningful. Having straight parade is protecting the real gender and being fun .I guess all disagree never experience pain as I experienced .One day you ll regret you never have a time to be more happier .

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