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Today I speak about "Voice" and how I feel Steem can benefit. If I sound low energy today it's because Egypt trip is catching up to me and I am recovering still xD. When you have as much opportunity as we do today, there are no sick days!

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So I was listening to Ivan on Tech's analysis on it and something really blew my mind in a negative way. They talked about how Voice can't be launched until EOS 1.8 and they're replaying the chain right now to do it. And this is the crazy part to me, they've been replaying for a couple of weeks already and they're 1/3rd of the way done. But the inital blocks are only half full, so going forward it will take way more time to do the rest of the 2/3rds. So it takes them 3 months to replay the chain when it's only been out for a year? How is that acceptable.

Anyway, I registered for a beta test, but not really hyped about it. I at least want to try it out so I wouldn't be talking out of my ass when Voice comes up in a conversation. So far it looks like they're going in the opposite direction of Steem - controlled and hard to get into, whereas Steem is moving towards full freedom and ease of use. I don't know if you had anything to do with 3Speak's incubation solution, but it's freaking brilliant. That needs to be pushed hard and made standard for all dapps. This is the type of thing that brings in the masses. I mean come on, I can tell my buddies to just login with their FB, Google or Twitter account to get instant access like any social media site, plus the added bonus of earning Steem for their activity. And if they want full control over their funds, then claim the account. You can't make getting into crypto any easier than that. This kind of stuff makes me unbelievably bullish on Steem. And it's not like it's the only cutting edge development, this is something that happens here almost daily.

Voice is having a similar content like STEEM have but we will might be get voice token of it. I don't know that will be tradable on which exchange later on or something like that.
And thing is going on with voice is they have some restriction in crypto space that they will not allow any bot spam something LIKE that let's see how it will be work later on.

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Looking forward to an adjustment in the economic model as I think it will help people rediscover parts of Steem they have let slide and for those coming in afresh, I believe they will be happier with their experience. All in all, people will learn more and there will be increased incentive for interaction and randomization - it should become more exciting and unpredictable which will hopefully translate into a compelling ecosystem that spins off microcosms on dedicated tokens.

When you have as much opportunity as we do today, there are no sick days!

Haven't taken a day off work for a very long time, haven't missed a day posing on Steem in something like 2 years :D If you want it, gotta do the work for it.

best and worst thing for steem is the community. because steem lest his users to write whatever they like. and if you look for steem online there is a good chance you will see people on steem writing how steem is dead, ninja mining, big bad whales...
biometric registration. not sure how good that sounds. in this day and age when every information is for sale, not sure how many people will be willing to do that.

Was wondering when you'd talk about this. I think Dan secretly realises that steem is a big threat to eos and is moving faster than ever before despite losing 70% of steemits staff and despite losing both of its creators we're still innovating and growing.

I think Voice will be relevant yet steem will always have the upper hand when it comes to community among other things. Steemit should be aware of competition though. It's good to have options anyways! Keep it up champ!

That was some funny shit. "Some bald headed Tone Vays" HAHA. Dude blocked me a year ago on Twitter. smh smh haha

Thanks for a great video @theycallmedan, the thing that I find most interesting is that Voice is going after Steem, while Steem is going after the whole internet.

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We miss that good mornin', good mornin', good mornin', good mornin' thing of yours :D Make your videos great again!

haha JK, I just loved that part. :)

Don't know much about Voice but I don't like some things there. It just feels like they are working with government and I don't know if that's a good idea anywhere, anytime. Not saying they are, but it feels like it, imo.

Whatever happens with Voice, I just hope that it will help us (the people) move one step away from FIAT's monetary system and banks = bring us closer to crypto.

Peace yo!

It just feels like they are working with government

That was my exact thought. At this point, this voice thing is in my "ignore" category. I looked at the sign up page and saw no reason to join at all.

I think right now they are releasing v0.0 and farming for ideas and thoughts from certain sns platforms such as Steem.
A lot of people seem worried about verification and private info. Fair enough but and the arguements I hear are more out of ignorance than anything.
It's cryptography, they won't be storing useful stuff around especially private data unencrypted. Obviously trust issies remain. It's why I favor a tier SNS platform.
Similar to a cryptocurrency exchange, there are levels of verification. Email name and bday only? Level 1. Stool sample and first born son as hostage level 2....you get the idea.

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Even Twitter and Facebook aren't asking for ID's while voice will @theycallmedan so if they got hacked then goodbye to your identity.

STEEM may benefit, but they will benefit more given they have no users (yet). Why help an EOS dApp anyway, why not focus on our own chain?

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funny thing... I've been thinking about the Voice tokenomics for days, and just recorded a video about some ideas. Gonna try 3speak today!

Seems very similar to Minds. The Minds tokens are only good for boosting your posts, except you don’t get any back.

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I couldn't resist... 😂

voice pinata crypto exploiters.gif

Hope you feel better soon!

Actually, I think that first gif is missing something... fixed! 😊

voice pinata crypto exploiters exploding.gif

xD that is all I can picture when Voice launches hahah

I just tossed it up on Giphy, if anyone ever wants to use it... 😊


Maybe a low energy voice (no pun intended :D) but definitely a high energy video as always Dan, thanks! Like I said under the latest @aggroed post, the activity and creativity of our community never fail to amaze me. @threespeak are the latest addition and they already took our blockchain by storm. I am very excited about them. With all the current developments and projects created on our blockchain, it only is a matter of time before the Steem price stops being a bad joke. No matter how many other "Steem killers" show up on the scene ;)

@theycallmedan, No matter which platform is coming forward we cannot read the future roadmap until we travel with something for a good time. No matter if new platforms are rising and becoming competition for the Steem, if something becomes competition then let it be because it will make Steem Blockchain more active and this way it will evolve more.

And to Survive we will going to see more production and development because without any doubt, the process of new developments will continue because for example, one consumer buy or eat something from one outlet and the next consumer will do the same stuff but from the other outlet. But in reality it will not divide the effectiveness and the difference between the outlets.

Steem is that boat which is giving hand to drowning voices of Centralised Platform. Stay blessed brother.

I’m personally Ruthlessly ignoring Noise and Voice and focusing on Building

If someone Building DApp or community (or both), just remember Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Twitter and YouTube etc.. are App that works on Android operating system and IOS and any country.

Blockchains are like different countries with different operating systems. EOS and ADA are third generation Blockchain that will allow any DApps/Community to integrate

I’m personally predictable a Black Swan 🦢 event in crypto with STEEM

Back to Building

Steem/it has gone far to be compared to all these upcoming media, but it’s okay that they’re here so that we can at least value what we already have for once which is STEEM!

Thanks Dan.

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I didn't listen to the launch video to the end. The thing I did catch was how Dan describing the transaction of crypto. From just be mined and those mined coins making way into exchanges where people can buy and now social mining, which I feel he feels is the future. The future being getting crypto into the hand of many which is the initial goal of crypto. I'm not fussing about voice. Like you said, it will take time, and it will be exploited. Still not optimistic about EIP but I'm just hanging in there.

There is some seriously great vision in this video!! The community needs visionaries like this! More power to you @theycallmedan!

After seeing the success of steem they are trying to steal our audience but I don’t think that this is going to be happening. Yes I agree for money people will go definitely but as I think the reward system is not like steem and I didn’t think the voice token will get success I long term. But I will appreciate the effort to make an decentralised social media but In my opinion they should not consider steemit as there rivers but as an partnership then only the dream to true decentralisation will be full-fil.
In a positive way they should creat an account on steem and also they can invite steem to join there platform because to grow this industry we need support of each other .
All the best to new startup’s to make future decentralised.

I think voice is a visionary concept to make Thisbe world truly decentralised and steem is showing the support by listing eos on steem-engine . So we should support voice not as competition but as friendly platform to grow and earn some money. I think after launch of voice and its native token it will be listed on steem-engine.
we all should join that platform and advertise about steemit platform so that it will be win-win situation for that platforms.

Now I'm going to sell a bit of my EOS and buy some more Steem :) I don't have much but might as well put it into something I believe in. I've only found one EOS dapp that I like, Lumeos. The rest aren't up to much and Voice will probably be a disappointment. With Steem, there's several dapps that I use every day and I much prefer the community here.

Great, I have to buy more RAM to unstake my EOS, they make it so complicated.

I think there is no compression between steem and voice. Steem is dreem.

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It sounds great, but until it's up and running fine and etc then I'm sticking with steemit even though steemit doesn't reward good content

I'm a bit late replying to this but I just saw Dan Larimer saying that Voice will require full KYC. I think that will kill it. It will have the same problems other social media sites have, when governments put pressure on them to remove some people. Maybe crypto people will sign up but there's no incentive for the masses. We can already use Steem on twitter, without having to trust a third party with our ID. Maybe we should all start using this and highlighting the advantage it has over a new site that requires you to give them your ID? https://steemtipper.com/

Edit:- Looking at that, maybe something better is out there or can be made? I don't like having to log in to a site, should be possible to send Steem on twitter without doing that?

Yes boss we are always guise that steemit Benefited thats why we using this...thanks sir for your voice @theycallmedan

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is that worth

I like it very much...

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Subscriber #50

when it comes to comparison its no way close to steemit

Why aren't you posting on dtube Dan?

Really, No sick days with Steem, 3Speak.... Many thanks @theycallmedan

Great one

cool! how do i buy 3speak tokens with steem?

not talking in third person right? there is 2 Dans?

Yes, Dan Larimer.

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But which is the original Dan?

"3speak under maintenance"

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Big upgrade, will be done in about an hour.

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Waiting for beta. We will see that :)

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