Steem, The Vision & Goal - Let's Talk About It

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Steem, The Vision & Goal - Tokenize the web! Going from focus on onboarding single users to onboarding entire communities and getting whole websites to tokenize on Steem!

A lot of life here, let's take advantage of what we have.

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Definitely agree - we need to be landgrabbing some existing communities, and the rest will follow.

But we need to make sure our product offering is sound - and has a good 'support package' to go with it.

We almost need some sort of Account Managers to help with the migration and ensure the incoming communities are happy with their new home.

Very well your point of view, in effective marketing the following applies a lot:

  • Attract built communities

  • Attract individual influencers who have community

  • And value to the users that make community within the website, since they will serve as a pillar to demonstrate that the platform offers great value.

Conclusion: Leveraging another project is the key.

I must admit that the vision and the goals are changed for me too...
Tokenisation is also bringing about some "good & bad" competition...
The small user base is our only hope to increase $steem adoption ✔️
But the sign up process should be reduced by atleast 3 days instead of a whole week of account creation

Meanwhile we all need to build better communities, cause the platform is still young and I have an instinct on the back of my mind telling me that in 2025 $steem might hit $10 because currently its unnoticed just like when Bitcoin was beginning. loving the moon on this content cause its already dusk here in Kenya 🇰🇪

Lets keep pushing and believing in the goal

Steem to the moon 🚀🌑

I can feel it in your absolutely fuckin love steem the very same way some of us do. We've hit rock bottom indeed. I mean look around....It's communities who have the power to change things BANG, just like that. It happened can happen in real world too...After all we are a sample of the real world on a much smaller scale.

The EIP have triggered sleeping whales and all those who had practically abandoned the ship to come back, and be active again.

SMT's will be revolutionary, but they will have to mature first. And when that happen, sky will be the only limit...

Have a great one man

I can't agree less, the vision is there and when we look at the nearest long run, the goal of tokenization would've been fufilled, and part of this, is the long awaited SMT which is obviously on our doorstep. You raised one point as to why a few people aren't really believing the inception of the SMT and I feel it's because they're alien to far the SMT might impact steem. That said we need that hype, we have all the ingredients for Steem to blossom and when everyone is tokenizing as a result of this blistering effect. We might see a shift in growth to the numerous development going on on steem. Eventually we'd rise irrespective of imperfections because I believe Steem in two years will be something outta the blue. Cheers Dan I'll sleep on this one tonight.

Listening to that 9:45 long video was quite inspiring.

The vision of Steem ia always same for me - tokenizing the internet

This will soon turnout to be. So far, steem and relating tribes are already touching many sectors - Music, Video, entertainment, science, technology... Soonest, I see is perch and make a mark on the academic sphere.

Adding value and becoming indispensable.

Thank God for #Newsteem and the quality exposure mantra. We as content Creators must be conscious of quality and must be ready to give it at all times.

SMTs will break the limits


Patience is a virtue

I created a motivational vlog on the need for us to imbibe the character of waiting. We all on Steem at the present must learn to be patient.

Thanks @Theycallmedan for this awesome shots.

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Alright so at 1:50 you say:

We're going to see that shift compoundingly,
right now it's a small user base that
know about the stools [the tools] of Steem.

Cracked me up.

lol I just realized this. xD

Every journey have a one goal, i think each journey for eachvso different but steemit journey goal is all steemian same i think.this journey perspective always being make good community with collaboration and strong to recover weak zone.i am hearing this video and guess one point that steemit journey always should be honest and support for building community.

Thanks sir @theycallmedan for make this awesome vlog..

This is my @threespeak vlog hope you watching

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Hey Dan,

great Video! I believe Steem is one of the best crypto projects out there!!! Great future ahead ;)

Cheers from Germany


Like you said many times, data is the new oil. Web 3.0 here we come baby! The Future :)

When you mentioned onboarding entire communities, I was like "that's what I plan to do!" Of course I want to try to be a bit more successful before I make my commercial to invite my fellow longboarders, but i'm doing not so bad compared to before the recent fork.

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I hope it works out but I do feel it is an uphill struggle...

I'm not responsible for my money, my keys are 😛😎😂

Thanks for giving us hope!

@theycallmedan, The most beautiful aspect about the Steem Blockchain is it have resources to Tokenise and Monetise any aspect. Stay blessed brother.

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I like your confidence about steem. You made me laught when you said that their mama and their papa will join. lol You are right, some people are already back, not only creating but curating as well. Thanks for your motivation. :)


The steempeak team is working on "Guest accounts".
That is one of the essential things when it comes to mass adoption.
Take the atheist channel for example.
How are they going to onboard a large number of people?

  1. Its a slow and complicated process
  2. If there is not enough people for them to interact with on their steem account posts then they wont use the account regardless of the 100k.

Easy onboarding that requires 0 technical skill and is complete in a couple seconds os a must have.

I recomend you go check out what theyre working on and if maybe your team can help them out.
This is absolutely essential and the first step towards mass adoption. Without it we might as well take an L.


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I have seen, they are doing good work. We have first accounts on 3speak and we are working to make it so all of Steem can use for their apps. Good to see multiple projects working on this issue.

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this is what makes me feel so optimistic about steem blockchain and the future of it !

NewSteem <3

I'll continue powering down and procuring tangible silver until STEEM gets it's shit together...

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That's an interesting idea to tokenize the internet and yes web 3.0 will revolutionise the internet in all aspects, because there will be more user contributed content. and I think there are good reasons to hold on to Steem.

There's a great community and you only have to look at the most used dapps to see how busy the devs are.

Initially Steemit Inc lost the plot but hopefully they have woken up and gearing up for the revolution. Other devs are doing the work they should of been doing and it looks like Steem will soon have as much to offer as several of the much more hyped DPOS coins. I don't mind if Steem stays under the radar for a few more months, as it's a good time to accumulate more.

Yes, I'm advising everyone to buy Steem, but you all need to do our own research before you making your move.

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You are a great salesman Dan but more than that; It really shows that you're all in with steem from heart. I still don't understand why steemit is not "trending" There are many positive things #Steem has brought me:

  • For a long time it gave me steady income in a struggling country.
  • Knowledge about crypto
  • Amazing friends, Real friends.
  • A different view of life from the economic standpoint

and many, many more benefits...

The good thing is that at its current state, everybody has a real shot on Steemit. Keep it up Dan. Regards!

Nice Vision your video shows your confidence in steem. Which is amazing.And I think exactly the same.

Can I get a "hell yeah!"? 😊

!giphy hell+yeah

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